How to Do Everything with Windows XP, Third Edition

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May 18, 2005


Mixed media product, 480 pages


0072259531 / 9780072259537


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Main description

This easy-to-follow guide shows anyone running Windows XP how to take advantage of the power, stability, and versatility of the most popular operating system in use today. Coverage of basic system features enables you to use your computer effectively and efficiently. Learn to access the Control Panel and customize settings, use keyboard commands, operate and maintain hardware, use all the software properly, and enjoy all the digital entertainment features. Key updates to this edition include full details on Service Pack 2--which provides increased protection against viruses, hackers, and worms--and how it affects security, email, home networking, and firewalls. The new interface and components of Media Player 10 are also covered, making downloading, playing and organizing music and videos much easier.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Explore the XP Desktop Chapter 2: Manage Your Computer with Control Panel Chapter 3: Configure System Settings Chapter 4: Manage Components, Programs, Folders, & Files Chapter 5: Use Those Accessories That Come with Windows Chapter 6: Manage Your Windows Hardware Chapter 7: CH7: Use Printers, Fax Machines, Scanners, and Digital Cameras Chapter 8: Create Connections to the Internet Chapter 9: Surf the Internet Chapter 10: Run Outlook Express Chapter 11: Create a Home Network Chapter 12: Manage Users and Groups Chapter 13: Configure ICS, ICF, Remote Desktop, and Remote Assistance Chapter 14: Play Games Chapter 15: Use Windows Media Player 9 for Your Music and Videos Chapter 16: Create Movies with Windows Movie Maker 2 Chapter 17: Manage Digital Photos on Windows XP Chapter 18: Explore Windows XP Plus! Packs and Power Toys Chapter 19: Take Care of Windows XP Chapter 20: Solving Problems APPENDIX A: INSTALLING WINDOWS XP

Author comments

Curt Simmons (Saint Jo, TX) is a freelance author and technical trainer. He's written more than thirty computing and technology books since 1998, including How To Do Everything with Windows XP, Windows XP Headaches, and Mac OS X Headaches. He also teaches several Internet courses on computing and digital photography which are distributed through the Education To Go network. These courses are available at hundreds of junior and senior colleges throughout the U.S but are not directly available to the public on the Internet -- students have to sign up at a local college first.

Back cover copy

Get the most out of all the powerful and versatile features available in Windows XP with help from this step-by-step guide. Learn to customize settings, operate and maintain hardware, use all the software properly, connect to the Internet, set up a home network, play games, and much more. Get full details on Service Pack 2--which provides increased protection against viruses, hackers, and worms--and find out how it affects security, email, home networking, and firewalls. You'll also get coverage of Windows Media Player 10, which makes downloading, playing, and organizing music and videos easier than ever.

  • Manage your computer with the Control Panel
  • Install hardware and software
  • Use printers, fax machines, scanners, and digital cameras
  • Connect to the Internet via dial-up or broadband
  • Use Windows Firewall and Security Center
  • Play games and use XP Plus! packs and PowerToys
  • Set up a home network and manage user and group accounts
  • Play and record music and watch DVDs with Windows Media Player 10
  • Create your own movies with Windows Movie Maker 2.1
  • Manage, store, and print digital photos
  • Optimize, manage, and troubleshoot Windows XP

About the author: Curt Simmons is a technology expert and trainer who has been working with Windows XP since its early testing days. He is the best-selling author of more than 50 computer books, including Windows XP Headaches: How to Fix Common [and Not So Common] Problems in a Hurry, Second Edition and How to Do Everything with Your Blackberry, Second Edition.

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