How To Do Everything with JavaScript

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February 24, 2003


Mixed media product, 448 pages


0072228873 / 9780072228878


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Main description

This friendly, solutions-oriented guide is filled with step-by-step examples that illustrate how to write basic to advanced JavaScript applications, as well as modify existing scripts to suit individual needs. Each chapter begins with the specific how-to topics that will be covered. Within the chapter, each topic is accompanied by a solid, easy-to-follow walkthrough of the process.

Table of contents

Part I: Learn JavaScript Basics 1: Prepare to Program in JavaScript 2: Learn JavaScript Fundamentals 3: Use Built-in JavaScript Classes 4: Organize Data into Arrays 5: Create Your Own JavaScript Classes Part II: Build JavaScript-Enabled Web Sites 6: Embed JavaScript in a Web Page 7: Create Scripts That Work in Every Browser 8: Manipulate Web Forms 9: Handle Browser Events 10: Communicate Between Browser Frames 11: Interact with the Web Browser 12: Perform Simple Animation Part III: Take JavaScript to the Next Level 13: Debug JavaScript Programs 14: Make Your Program Errorproof 15: Use JavaScript to Manage Browser Plug-Ins A: HTML 4.01 Tags B: JavaScript Quick Reference

Back cover copy

Bring interactivity to any Web site with this easy-to-follow guidebook on JavaScript. Author Scott Duffy takes the fear out of working with a programming language by delivering instruction and theory in manageable doses, along with practical examples and plenty of ready-to-use code. Learn to write a program by exploring statements, variables, and functions--the three basic building blocks of any program. Use JavaScript as the behind-the-scenes director of your Web browser presentation. Create basic and advanced JavaScript applications--plus, modify existing scripts to suit your needs--all with the help of this great resource.

  • Write your own program using statements, variables, and functions
  • Learn the history of the language and what it can do for you
  • Enable movement and interactivity for your Web site
  • Determine which version of JavaScript is right for you
  • Store dates, numbers, and more with built-in classes
  • Create scripts that work in every browser
  • Understand the basics of expressions, and organize your code into functions
  • Cause text or graphics to change on mouse rollovers
  • Automatically change a formatted date on a Web page
  • Coordinate objects and events seamlessly with built-in or scripted classes

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