Photoshop 7(R): Tips and Techniques

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July 12, 2002


Electronic book text, 496 pages


0072228741 / 9780072228748

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Table of contents

Part I: Using Photoshop to Prepare for Web and Print Design 1: Customizing Photoshop for Web Design 2: Customizing Photoshop for Print Design 3: Getting Content into Photoshop 4: Using Photoshop as a Web Page Layout Tool Part II: Using Photoshop to Design Web and Print Graphics 5: Using Selections and Masks 6: Using Layers 7: Using Text 8: Drawing and Painting 9: Using Favorite Creative Effects Part III: Using Photoshop to Produce Web and Print Graphics 10: Slicing and Optimizing Web Graphics 11: Animated, Interactive, and Data-Driven Graphics 12: Optimizing Print Graphics

Back cover copy

300+ Immediate Solutions from the Pros

Improve your use of Photoshop in Web and print design. Prepare and plan for Web page development and print output, then skillfully apply the latest design and production techniques. Perform simple adjustments as well as complex tasks--optimize photographic imagery, build animation, add rollovers, adjust images to achieve perfect skin tones and transparent drop shadows, make appropriate color adjustments, create duotones, and more. Geared toward designers of all levels looking for exciting visual solutions, Photoshop 7 Tips & Techniques demystifies the complicated but enormously powerful features of Photoshop.


  • Precise, proven techniques--professional-level advice from industry experts
  • Chapter-by-chapter subject indexes--make critical information easier to access
  • Focused information--straightforward explanations for experienced programmers
  • "Use-It" icons--each tip includes instructions for immediate implementation
  • Must-have information--quick and concise solutions that work

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