Oracle8i Data Warehousing

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February 9, 2001


Electronic book text, 831 pages


0072192437 / 9780072192438

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Main description

Plan and build a robust data warehousing and analysis solution. Officially authorized by Oracle Corporation, this resource explains how to create a single integrated source of corporate business information.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Warehouse: What is it, Who Needs it, and Why. Chapter 2: Things to Consider. Chapter 3: Finding and Building the Team. Chapter 4: Managing the Data Warehouse Project. Chapter 5: Data Warehouse Design Methodology. Chapter 6: Data Warehouse Development Methodology. Chapter 7: Data Marts and Star Schema Design. Chapter 8: The Physical Data Warehouse. Chapter 9: Fundamentals of an ETL Architecture. Chapter 10: Loading the Oracle Warehouse. Chapter 11: Oracle Warehouse Builder. Chapter 12: Partitioning Data. Chapter 13: Indexing the Warehouse. Chapter 14: Backing Up the Warehousse. Chapter 15: Securing the Warehouse. Chapter 16: Storage Considerations. Chapter 17: Tuning Data Access. Chapter 18: Publishing Data for the Users. Chapter 19: Oracle Summarization Features. Chapter 20: OLAP. Chapter 21: Relational OLAP and Aggregate Navigators. Chapter 22: The Oracle Discoverer Solution. Chapter 23: The Oracle Express Solution. Chapter 24: Data Mining. Chapter 25: Data Webhousing.

Author comments

Michael J. Corey (Newton, MA) is co-owner of Database Technologies, former president of IOUG-A, and has more than 12 years experience using Oracle products. He has garnered a huge following in the Oracle Community and is considered to have the ear of the Oracle Corporation by the community.

Michael Abbey (Ottawa, Ontario CN) has used Oracle for the past 12 years, specializing in Oracle/UNIX installation, performance tuning, and instance management. He is a member of the board of IOUG-A.

Ben Taub (Ann Arbor, MI) is a Project Manager/Senior Warehouse architect with Dataspace Incorporated, as well as founder of the firm. He is the data warehousing focus area manager for IOUG-A.

Ian Abramson (Toronto, Ontario) is the principal at IAS Inc., in Toronto, CA, and is currently the Director of Education Programming for IOUG-A and specializes in building applications and data warehousing.

Back cover copy

Create a Single Integrated Source of Corporate Business Information

Take full advantage of all the new Oracle8i tools and functionality to build a robust data warehousing system. Officially authorized by Oracle Corporation, Oracle8i Data Warehousing explains how to leverage Oracle's powerful family of technologies to build a reliable, scalable data warehousing and business intelligence infrastructure. You'll get full details on developing a plan, putting together a team, implementing your data warehouse, writing queries, and giving end-users direct access to their data. The book also explains how to use Oracle's integrated query analysis and reporting software, including Oracle Discoverer and the Oracle Data Mining Suite.

  • Plan, implement, and manage a data warehouse project

  • Build star schemas and design data marts

  • Set up a data warehouse using Oracle8i as its repository

  • Extract, transform, and load data using the Oracle Warehouse Builder

  • Index your data warehouse for optimal access

  • Manage storage and handle backup, recovery, tuning, and security

  • Enable data warehouse querying and analysis with Oracle Discoverer and Oracle Express

  • Convert a legacy database system into an Oracle8i data warehouse

  • Implement data webhousing to enable access via an intranet or the Internet

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