How to Do Everything Digital Photography

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March 8, 2011


Electronic book text, 304 pages

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0071754725 / 9780071754729

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Main description

Take Great Digital Photos Every Time!

Filled with high-color photographs, How to Do Everything: Digital Photography shows you how to capture professional-quality photos using any digital camera--from a smartphone or point-and-shoot camera to an advanced digital SLR camera. Learn how to take better pictures right away using a variety of techniques for photo composition, lighting, and creativity. You'll also get tips on photo editing, printing, and archiving, as well as avoiding common mistakes that result in poor-quality images. Improve your photographic skills in no time with help from this comprehensive, hands-on guide.

  • Learn digital camera basics and select the best camera, equipment, and accessories for your needs
  • Master the fundamentals of photo composition
  • Use professional lighting and flash techniques
  • Shoot eye-catching outdoor photos in any weather condition
  • Take portraits and candid shots of people and pets
  • Capture stunning vacation photographs
  • Take professional-quality photos of sporting and action-oriented events
  • Shoot digital video and publish it online
  • Transfer digital images to your computer
  • Digitally fix, edit, and improve your images
  • Use photo editing software, as well as plug-ins, add-ons, and accessories
  • Print high-quality photos or publish your work on the Web
  • Catalog, organize, back up, and archive your images

Table of contents

Part I: Get To Know Your Digital Camera
Chapter 1: Digital Camera Basics: What You Need To Know To Get Started
Chapter 2: Buy Your New Digital Camera
Chapter 3: Digital Camera Accessories & How They’re Used
Part II: Tips & Strategies For Taking Professional Quality Photos In Any Situation
Chapter 4: Basic Photo Techniques For Shooting Like A Pro
Chapter 5: Indoor and Nighttime Photos: Lighting & Flash Techniques
Chapter 6: Shoot Eye-Catching Outdoor Photos
Chapter 7: Portraits and Candid Pictures of People & Pets
Chapter 8: Vacation Photography & Preserving Memories
Chapter 9: Capture Events, Weddings and Parties
Chapter 10: Photograph Sports & Action-Oriented Events
Chapter 11: Shoot Digital Video and Publishing It Online
Part III: Edit & Digitally Enhance Your Photos
Chapter 12: Transfer Digital Images To Your Computer
Chapter 13: Digitally Fix, Edit & Improve Your Images
Chapter 14: Photo Software Plug-In, Hardware & Accessories
Part IV: Showcase, Share, Present & Store Your Photos
Chapter 15: Show Off & Present Your Images
Chapter 16: Catalog, Organize, Back-Up and Archive Your Images

Author comments

Jason R. Rich ( is the bestselling author of more than 40 books. With 20+ years of journalism experience, he has a weekly column in the New York Daily News and is a frequent contributor (including his photos) to numerous major daily newspapers, national magazines, and popular websites. Rich is an accomplished professional photographer whose photographs have been featured in his books, including Entrepreneur Magazine Business Traveler’s Guides (Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, Washington DC, Las Vegas and New York City).

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