Java Programming

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December 6, 2011


Electronic book text, 608 pages

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0071633618 / 9780071633611

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Main description

Develop, Compile, and Debug High-Performance Java Applications

Take your Java skills to the next level using the expert programming techniques contained in this Oracle Press guide. Featuring real-world code samples and detailed instructions, Java Programming demonstrates how to fully utilize the powerful features of Java SE 7. Find out how to design multithreaded and network applications, integrate structured exception handling, use Java libraries, and develop Swing-based GUIs and applets. Inheritance, generics, and utility classes are are covered in this practical resource.

  • Create custom classes, methods, arrays, and operators
  • Control program flow using conditional statements
  • Handle multithreaded, network, and I/O programming
  • Learn new constructs in multithreading
  • Incorporate enums, annotations, and autoboxing
  • Recover from errors, input failures, and exceptions
  • Use Java Swing to build lightweight GUIs and applets
  • Cut development time using the collections framework
  • Work with the latest Java libraries and utility classes

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Java Overview; Chapter 2. Java Language Constructs; Chapter 3. Operators in Java; Chapter 4. Control Flow; Chapter 5. Arrays; Chapter 6. Classes; Chapter 7. Inheritance; Chapter 8. Inheritance - Advanced Features; Chapter 9. Advanced Class Features; Chapter 10. Exception Handling in Java; Chapter 11. Enumerations, Autoboxing, and Annotations; Chapter 12. Generics; Chapter 13. Input/Output; Chapter 14. Threads; Chapter 15. Network Programming; Chapter 16. Events; Chapter 17. Building GUI; Chapter 18. Applets; Chapter 19. Collections; Chapter 20. Strings; Chapter 21. Utility Classes; Chapter 22. JavaFX; Chapter 23. JDK7 New Features; Appendix A: Installing JDK; Appendix B: Installing Netbeans

Author comments

Poornachandra Sarang, Ph.D., is a consultant to Sun Microsystems and trains Sun’s corporate clients as well as Sun authorized trainers. He is a post-graduate adjunct professor in the University of Mumbai’s Computer Science department and has been a visiting professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. A Microsoft MVP, Dr. Sarang speaks at international conferences and has written several programming books and articles.

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