How to Do Everything Adobe Photoshop CS4

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April 14, 2009


Paperback, 287 pages

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0071605223 / 9780071605229


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Main description

Master Adobe Photoshop CS4

Filled with full-color examples, this hands-on guide explains how to use the latest release of the industry standard program for graphics professionals. How to Do Everything: Adobe Photoshop CS4 takes you step-by-step through the process of bringing your creative concepts to completion. Real-world examples reveal how cutting-edge design techniques are achieved. With this book, you'll learn how to use all the program's tools and settings to create and edit compelling images for print, the Web, and animation.

  • Manage and customize the interface
  • Create, manage, and blend layers and apply layer styles
  • Work with color, brushes, painting tools, gradients, and vector shapes
  • Pick pixels with selections
  • Edit, repair, and enhance images and Camera Raw files
  • Transform objects without degrading image quality
  • Create and format text
  • Use the 3D and video features of Photoshop Extended
  • Apply special effects with filters, warping, and textures
  • Optimize your work for print, the Web, and mobile devices
  • Save time using automation tools

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Welcome to Photoshop
Chapter 2. Getting Efficient with the Workspace
Chapter 3. Document and Layer Basics
Chapter 4. Working with Color
Chapter 5. Getting Creative
Chapter 6. Picking Pixels with Selections
Chapter 7. Working with Images
Chapter 8. Blending Layers
Chapter 9. Advanced Image "Doctoring"
Chapter 10. Transforms and Smart Objects
Chapter 11. Creating and Adjusting Text
Chapter 12. Intro to Photoshop Extended
Chapter 13. Special Effects
Chapter 14. Advanced Creative Concepts
Chapter 15. Exporting
Chapter 16. Time Savers and Automation
Chapter 17. Making a Living Using Photoshop

Author comments

Chad Perkins is an Adobe Certified Instructor, an Adobe Certified Expert, and the author of several books and training videos.

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