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Authors Michael A. Davis and Aaron LeMasters discuss malware and rootkits and how to avoid them.

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September 23, 2009


Paperback, 400 pages

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0071591184 / 9780071591188


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Main description

"A harrowing guide to where the bad guys hide, and how you can find them." --Dan Kaminsky, Director of Penetration Testing, IOActive

"An amazing resource. It is timely, focused, and what we need to better understand and defend against one of the greatest cyber threats we face." --From the Foreword by Lance Spitzner, President of the Honeynet Project

Don't let another machine become a zombie in the malware army

Defend against the ongoing wave of malware and rootkit assaults the failsafe Hacking Exposed way. Real-world case studies and examples reveal how today's hackers use readily available tools to infiltrate and hijack systems. Step-by-step countermeasures provide proven prevention techniques. Find out how to detect and eliminate malicious embedded code, block pop-ups and websites, prevent keylogging, and terminate rootkits. The latest intrusion detection, firewall, honeynet, antivirus, anti-rootkit, and anti-spyware technologies are covered in detail.

  • Understand how malware infects, survives, and propagates across an enterprise
  • Learn how hackers use archivers, encryptors, and packers to obfuscate code
  • Implement effective intrusion detection and prevention procedures
  • Defend against keylogging, redirect, click fraud, and identity theft threats
  • Detect, kill, and remove virtual, user-mode, and kernel-mode rootkits
  • Prevent malicious website, phishing, client-side, and embedded-code exploits
  • Protect hosts using the latest antivirus, pop-up blocker, and firewall software
  • Identify and terminate malicious processes using HIPS and NIPS

Table of contents

Part I Malware
Case Study: Please Review This Before Our Quarterly Meeting
Chapter 1 Method of Infection
Chapter 2 Malware Functionality
Part II Rootkits
Case Study: The Invisible Rootkit That Steals Your Bank Account Data
Chapter 3 User-Mode Rootkits
Chapter 4 Kernel-Mode Rootkits
Chapter 5 Virtual Rootkits
Chapter 6 The Future of Rootkits: If You Think It's Bad Now
Part III Prevention Technologies
Case Study: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
Chapter 7 Antivirus
Chapter 8 Host Protection Systems
Chapter 9 Host-Based Intrusion Prevention
Chapter 10 Rootkit Detection
Chapter 11 General Security Practices
Appendix A System Integrity Analysis: Building Your Own Rootkit Detector

Author comments

Michael A. Davis is CEO of Savid Technologies, Inc., a technology and security consulting firm. He has worked with McAfee, Inc., as senior manager of Global Threats. Michael is a member of the Honeynet Project.

Sean M. Bodmer is director of government programs at Savid Corporation, Inc. He is an active honeynet researcher specializing in the analysis of signatures, patterns, and behaviors of malware and attackers. Sean works with the Honeynet Project and the Hacker Profiling Project.

Aaron LeMasters is a security researcher specializing in computer forensics, malware analysis, and vulnerability research. He spent five years defending the undefendable DoD networks and is now a senior software engineer at Raytheon SI.

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