Oracle Database Ajax & PHP Web Application Development

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February 21, 2008


Paperback, 458 pages

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0071502777 / 9780071502771


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Main description

Design and Deploy Highly Responsive Data-Driven Web 2.0 Applications

Deliver next-generation user capabilities and client-side services in your Oracle-based Web applications by combining the powerful features of AJAX and PHP. Written by Web 2.0 programming experts, Oracle Database AJAX & PHP Web Application Development shows you how to design faster, lighter, more responsive Web applications while reducing code support and creation time. You'll learn how to develop modular AJAX and PHP code, add dynamically updated content, and implement click-to-edit and drag-and-drop functionality. You'll also get details on incorporating cutting-edge mashup, reporting, and communication features. 

  • Build robust Web applications that utilize the latest AJAX, PHP, and modularity techniques
  • Construct AJAX and PHP objects, controllers, iframes, and models
  • Simplify programming with reusable modules, open-source libraries, and templates
  • Optimize scalability, availability, performance, and security
  • Auto-refresh Web pages and execute XML calls using the HttpRequest object
  • Add HTML drill-down tables, DOM drag-and-drop, and click-to-edit features
  • Retrieve data from external sources using Remote Procedure Calls and Pear-based services
  • Solve browser navigation button, bookmarking, and history tracking issues
  • Allow end users to customize Web pages using tracking, JSON, and mashups
  • Facilitate client-side communication with VOIP, IM, targeted reporting, and file sharing

Table of contents

Part I: Building a Foundation
Chapter 1. JavaScript and PHP Scalability
Chapter 2. PHP and JavaScript Modularity
Chapter 3. JavaScript and PHP Objects
Part II: Dynamic Presentation: Communication Between User Interface and the Server
Chapter 4. The XMLHttpRequest Object
Chapter 5. AJAX, Advanced HTML, and HTTP Communication
Chapter 6. Manipulating the DOM with JavaScript
Part III: Advanced Dynamic Presentation and Communication
Chapter 7. Remoting with PHP Data Access Objects
Chapter 8. AJAX, Charting, and Simple Data Transfer
Chapter 9. Enabling Back Buttons in AJAX
Part IV: Creating Highly Flexible, Scalable Applications
Chapter 10. Client and Server-Side Sessions
Chapter 11. Creating User-Defined Mashups
Chapter 12. Multimodel Communication: VOIP, IM, and Stored Reports
Part IV: Appendixes
Appendix A. HTML Tag Index
Appendix B. PHP Primer
Appendix C. Oracle Database Administration Primer
Appendix D. Oracle Database SQL Primer
Appendix E. PL/SQL Primer

Author comments

Lee Barney is a professor of Computer Information Technology at BYU-Idaho.

Michael McLaughlin is a professor of Computer Information Technology at BYU-Idaho, the author of Oracle Database 10g Express Edition PHP Web Programming, and coauthor of Oracle Database 10g PL/SQL Programming.

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