World Works: Volume 1, Levels F-H

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August 13, 2007


Paperback, pages


0078780209 / 9780078780202


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Main description

Bring the world to life for your students! These high-interest non-fiction selections cover a variety of topics capturing the attention of adolescent readers. Supporting materials help students develop their reading skills, practice such skills, and test their comprehension.

Table of contents

To the StudentHow to Use This BookUnit One, LAW ENFORCEMENTForensics: What the Clues SayCybercrime: Criminals on the Internet Police Sketch Artists: The Art of Fighting CrimeCompare and ContrastUnit Two, HEALTHAspirin: The Wonder Drug Infectious Diseases: Bugs You Don’t Want to CatchAnthrax: Rare but DeadlyCompare and ContrastUnit Three, EVERYDAY THINGSPlastic: Part of Everyday LifeHybrid Cars: The Drive Toward a SolutionLandfills: Let’s Talk TrashCompare and Contrast

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