Mike Meyers' CompTIA Network+ Certification Passport, 4th Edition (Exam N10-005)

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May 2, 2012


Mixed media product, 464 pages

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Main description

From the #1 Name in Professional Certification

Prepare for CompTIA Network+ Exam N10-005 with McGraw-Hill--a Gold-Level CompTIA Authorized Partner offering Authorized CompTIA Approved Quality Content to give you the competitive edge on exam day.

Get on the fast track to becoming CompTIA Network+ certified with this affordable, portable study tool. Inside, networking expert Mike Meyers guides you on your career path, providing expert tips and sound advice along the way. With an intensive focus only on what you need to know to pass the CompTIA Network+ Exam N10-005, this certification passport is your ticket to success on exam day.

CD includes test engine with two comlplete practice exams, Mike's favorite freeware and shareware networking tools, a video introduction to CompTIA Network+, and an Adobe Digital Editions free eBook download (subject to Adobe's system requirements)


  • Itineraries--List of official exam objectives covered
  • ETAs--Amount of time needed to complete each lesson
  • Local Lingo--Concise definitions of key terms and concepts
  • Travel Assistance--Recommended resources for more information
  • Exam Tips--Common exam pitfalls and solutions
  • Checkpoints--End-of-chapter questions, answers, and explanations
  • Career Flight Path--Career options mapped out to maximize the return from your IT journey

Table of contents

Part 1: Network Fundamentals
Objective 1.01: Overview of How Networks Work
Objective 1.02: The OSI Seven-Layer Model
Objective 1.03: The TCP/IP Model
Part 2: Network Media
Objective 2.01: Coaxial Cabling
Objective 2.02: Twisted-Pair Cabling
Objective 2.03: Optical Fiber
Objective 2.04: Wireless Media Types
Part 3: Network Topologies and Standards
Objective 3.01: The Bus Topology and Ethernet
Objective 3.02: The Star Bus Topology
Objective 3.03: Ring Topologies
Objective 3.04: Other Topologies
Part 4: Network Hardware
Objective 4.01: Network Interfaces
Objective 4.02: Repeaters, Hubs, and Bridges
Objective 4.03: Switched Ethernet
Objective 4.04: Connecting Ethernet Segments
Objective 4.05: Routers
Objective 4.06: Wireless Access Points
Part 5: TCP/IP
Objective 5.01: The TCP/IP Protocol Suite
Objective 5.02: IPv4 Addressing
Objective 5.03: CIDR and Subnetting
Objective 5.04: IPv6 Addressing
Objective 5.05: Domain Name System
Part 6: Routing
Objective 6.01: Routing Tables
Objective 6.02: Network Address Translation
Objective 6.03: Dynamic Routing
Part 7: Virtualization
Objective 7.01: Virtual LANs
Objective 7.02: Virtual Computing
Objective 7.03: Virtualization in Modern Networks
Part 8: Wide Area Networking
Objective 8.01: Telephony and Beyond
Objective 8.02: The Last Mile
Objective 8.03: Using Remote Access
Part 9: Network Security
Objective 9.01: Common Threats
Objective 9.02: Securing User Accounts
Objective 9.03: Firewalls
Objective 9.04: Securing Remote Connections
Part 10: The Complete Network
Objective 10.01: Designing and Implementing a SOHO Network
Objective 10.02: Implementing a Wireless Network
Objective 10.03: Specialized Network Devices
Objective 10.04: Network Configuration Management
Part 11: Troubleshooting Networks
Objective 11.01: The Troubleshooting Process
Objective 11.02: Troubleshooting Network Hardware
Objective 11.03: Testing Equipment
Part 12: Network Utilities and Optimization
Objective 12.01: TCP/IP Utilities
Objective 12.02: Troubleshooting Network Performance
Objective 12.03: Monitoring Networks
Appendix A: Career Flight Path
Appendix B: About the CD-ROM

Author comments

Mike Meyers, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, MCP, is the bestselling author of seven editions of CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide and several other computer books. He is the president and founder of Total Seminars, LLC, a major provider of PC and network repair seminars for thousands of organizations throughout the world, and a member of CompTIA.

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