Schaum's Outline of College Chemistry, 9ed

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May 6, 2007


Electronic book text, 392 pages


0071510389 / 9780071510387

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Main description

  • This course must be taken by students in any medical and engineering major, with a combined enrollment nationwide of nearly 950,000

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Quantities and UnitsChapter 2: Atomic and Molecular Mass; Molar MassChapter 3: Formulas and Composition CalculationsChapter 4: Calculations from Chemical EquationsChapter 5: Measurement of GasChapter 6: The Ideal Gas Law and Kinetic TheoryChapter 7: ThermochemistryChapter 8: Atomic Structure and the Periodic LawChapter 9: Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureChapter 10: Solids and LiquidsChapter 11: Oxidation-ReductionChapter 12: Concentration of SolutionsChapter 13: Reactions Involving Standard SolutionsChapter 14: Properties of SolutionsChapter 15: Organic Chemistry and BiochemistryChapter 16: Thermodynamics and Chemical EquilibriumChapter 17: Acids and BasesChapter 18: Complex Ions; PrecipitatesChapter 19: ElectrochemistryChapter 20: Rates of ReactionsChapter 21: Nuclear ProcessesAppendix A: ExponentsAppendix B: Significant FiguresIndexTable of Atomic MassesNuclidic Masses of Selected RadionuclidesPeriodic Table of the Elements

Author comments

Jerome Rosenberg, Ph.D., and Lawrence Epstein, Ph.D., are coauthors of Schaum's Outline of Beginning Chemistry.

Peter Krieger, Ed.D., is the author of Understanding General Chemistry.

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