Secrets of A CEO Coach

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February 22, 1999


Electronic book text, 211 pages


0071366628 / 9780071366625

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Main description

No longer just for athletes, coaching is the new success secret of every savvy businessperson hungry for better performance and faster promotion. But what about those who can't afford big bucks to hire a coach? Now they can learn to coach themselves using the method perfected by D.A. Benton, famed "Coach to the corporate stars" and author of How to Think Like a CEO, a New York Times and BusinessWeek bestseller.

Like a one-on-one coaching session, this dynamic guide duplicates the process that has unleased career growth for hundreds of Benton's personal clients at companies such as AT&T, Citibank, and McKinsey. Readers will learn to diagnose their needs, project their goals, identify useful and destructive behaviors, and develop an Action Plan that unlocks their unlimited potential to succeed.

Table of contents

What is Business Coaching? You Know You're Ready for Coaching When... CEO Coaching Techniques You Can Apply Yourself. Using Mental Energy: Attitude Management. Using Physical Energy: Perception Management. Using Emotional Energy: It's What's Behind What You're Saying That Speaks Loudest. Team Time: How to Coach Others. Going All the Way: How to Hire a Coach.

Author comments

D. A. Benton is founder of Benton Management Resources, Inc., a firm specializing in raising executive performance. She has been featured in Time, BusinessWeek, Fortune, The New York Times, and USA Today, and appears on national television.

Back cover copy

"This is D.A. Benton's best book yet. She leverages years of personal CEO coaching experience to help the reader uncover insightful and practical solutions to the everyday leadership challenges encountered in the real world. Bravo Debra!"

­­Douglas R. Conant, President, Nabisco, U.S. Foods Group.

"Secrets of a CEO Coach is a play book for leadership, a practical guide for making sure you're not left on the bench. A must read for anyone who aspires to lead in the information age."­­Sol Trujillo, President and CEO, US West.

"Benton's coaching fine-tunes your best personal qualities. Her book will teach many vital skills that can make you a better leader: how to be stronger, more persuasive, more articulate and in the end, a more effective CEO."

­­Peter A. Georgescu, Chairman and CEO, Young & Rubicam, Inc.

"Benton is one of the best! She now only shows us how it's done; she equips us to do it for ourselves. Such 'secrets' are not only for CEO's, but for all of us who are committed to helping people and institutions to reach the top of their potential."

­­The Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes, Senior Minister, The Riverside Church.

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