The Complete Book of Offensive Basketball Drills: Game-Changing Drills from Around the World

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August 23, 2009


Electronic book text, 272 pages

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0071636773 / 9780071636773

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Main description


"Simply fantastic! The Complete Book of Offensive Basketball Drills is a treasure trove of information from around the world. I can honestly say that I have not seen nor read a more complete drill book on one topic that is better than this. Giorgio Gandolfi has outdone himself." - Kevin Sutton, Head Coach, Montverde Academy, and Assistant Coach for the Gold Medal USA Jr. National Team

All coaches look for an edge that will help put their team over the top against their rivals. The Complete Book of Offensive Basketball Drills helps you take your team to the next level with the most effective offensive drills from the world's best coaches. Run practice sessions that can produce dominant players using these elite instructional workouts taken from around the globe. You'll bring a fresh perspective on the game to your players, all while teaching solid fundamentals, improving offensive performance, and driving up the score with teams at any level.

Covering everything from basic footwork to fast breaks, with advanced variations for more experienced players and teams, author Giorgio Gandolfi has collected more than 150 drills from the best-of-the-best to equip you with the necessary skills to:

  • Decide which drills are appropriate- and adapt them to meet each team's needs
  • Teach fast breaks, screens, post play, and rebounding
  • Prepare teams to shoot, pass, play the boards, and run
  • Train players to shoot and score under pressure

"Gandolfi offers a truly global sampling of the finest thinking on how to attack the basket or get a shot off against a tough defender. . . . If it's effective in helping a player improve his pull-up jump shot or make a power move to the basket, it's here. Gandolfi has done the game a huge service--and made Planet Basketball a more intimate place--with this timely and invaluable book." --Alexander Wolff, Sports Illustrated senior writer and author of Big Game, Small World: A Basketball Adventure, from the Introduction

"Simply fantastic! This is a treasure trove of information from around the world. I can honestly say that I have not seen nor read a more complete drill book on one topic that is better than this book. Giorgio Gandolfi has out done himself with this book. . . . Great job!" --Kevin Sutton, Head Coach at Montverde Academy and Assistant Coach for the Gold Medal USA Jr. National Team

"This book is one of the best. . . filled with valuable basketball information that has been tested and proven to help coaches and players alike. Giorgio Gandolfi has dedicated his life to helping improve the game and this is just another part of his continuing journey to provide the best basketball information out there!" --Kevin Eastman, Assistant Coach, Boston Celtics, 2008 NBA World Champions

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Why and How to Choose a Drill
Chapter 2: Basic footwork drills
Chapter 3: Offensive Moves without the Ball Drills
Chapter 4: Ball Handling
Chapter 5: Dribbling
Chapter 6: Passing Drills
Chapter 7: Shooting Drills
Chapter 8: Post Play Drills
Chapter 9: Spacing
Chapter 10: Fast Break
Chapter 11: Screening
Chapter 12: Defensive Slides
Chapter 13: Individual Defensive
Chapter 14: Team Defensive Situations
Chapter 15: Zone Defense Drills
Chapter 16: Half Court Zone Press Drills
Chapter 17: Full Court Press
Chapter 18: Conditioning Drills

Author comments

Giorgio Gandolfi, who has spent 30 years in the international coaching world, amassed a unique collection of drills from his own experience as a coach, an organizer of camps and clinics around the globe, working with the Converse Shoe Company, and as a participant in clinics from Europe, to United States, to South America, and Asia, with the top US high school, college, NBA and international coaches. Since 2003, he has been the Editor-in-Chief of Fiba Assist, the Official Technical Magazine of FIBA, the International Basketball Federation. Gandolfi is also the author of three technical books in the US: NBA Coaches Handbook, Prentice Hall, 1986; Hoops-The NBA Players Association Guide for Playing Basketball, McGraw-Hill, 1987; and NBA Coaches Playbook, Human Kinetics, 2008.

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