The Blue Book of Sailing

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May 24, 2009


Electronic book text, 240 pages


0071548009 / 9780071548007

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Main description

Transform basic sailing skills into true mastery

No other sport is as complex or as gear- and technique-intensive as sailing. The details and nuances are vast, but beneath the surface are 22 elements, or core areas of knowledge. By understanding these principles you can attain true mastery: tie any knot, shape any sail, take the helm of any boat, no matter how large or unfamiliar.

Table of contents

1.Knowing the Angles
2.How to Make a Sailboat Go Where You Want It To
3.How to See the Wind
4.Catching the Wind, or Why Sails Are Curved
5.Steering with Your Sails
6.The Anatomy of a Rope
7.The Anatomy of a Knot
8.The Simple Secrets of Docking Under Sail
9.The Simple Secrets of Docking Under Power
10.Reading a Sail Plan Drawing
11.Keels and Rudders
12.Why Sailboats Don’t (Usually) Tip Over
13.Design Ratios and Boat Speed
14.The Nuts and Bolts of Design Ratios
15.Sailing Faster Using Telltales
16.Leaving a Dock Using Spring lines
17.Handling Heavy Weather
18.Why Sails Are Shaped Like Triangles
19.Why So Many Boats Have Two Sails
20.Tuning the Rig
21.What Makes a Good Boat
22.How Modern Boats Are Built
23.Keeping from Running Aground
24.Where Are We?
25.How Racing Tactics and Strategies Can Make You a Better Sailor
26.The Art of Avoiding Emergencies and the Tao of Handling Them
27.Why We Sail

Author comments

Adam Cort is a sailing journalist and former editor of Sailing magazine. He is a lifelong sailor, longtime sailboat racer, and the author, with Richard Stearns, of Getting Started in Sailboat Racing.

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