The Baffled Parent's Guide to Great Baseball Drills

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October 24, 2001


Mixed media product, 155 pages


007154304X / 9780071543040


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Main description

Games-based drills to end tedium and make practices fun and productive

This handy reference is the solution to every youth baseball coach's worst nightmare: five minutes into an hour-long practice session and the players are bored, distracted, or just standing around. With nine diverse defensive positions plus batting and baserunning to think about, how can a coach keep all the players engaged and progressing at the same time? This coach's tool kit contains the answer. Great Baseball Drills is built around a unique games approach that keeps practices fresh and kids moving and excited. The drills are organized by skill level and position, and each teaches a specific skill or responds to a specific weakness.


  • A fun, original games approach to drilling 6- to 12-year-old players
  • 125 simple, skill-building games that keep kids moving
  • A troubleshooting chart that lets coaches easily match drills to problem areas

Table of contents

Introduction 1. Creating an Atmosphere of Good Habits Promoting Teamwork and a Positive Environment Involving Parents and Players Improving Basic Skills Meeting Equipment Needs 2. Organizing Practices Practice Schedules Productive Practices Keeping Kids' Attention Ten Commandments of Practices Time Management Practice Session Worksheet Troubleshooting Chart Questions and Answers 3. Throwing Drills 4. Fielding Drills 5. Fielding by Position Drills 6. Hitting Drills 7. Bunting Drills 8. Baserunning Drills 9. Lead-Up Games Glossary Index Acknowledgments About the Author

Author comments

Jim Garland has been an elementary physical education teacher for more than thirty years. A former all-conference baseball player, he has coached youth and high school sports, conducted the Motion Concepts Sports Camps since 1988, and served as a clinician on local, state, and national levels.

Back cover copy

"An in-depth tool for instructing youngsters to improve their fundamental skills in the great game of baseball."--Bill Hunter, manager, Texas Rangers, former shortstop, New York Yankees

"A must-read for inexperienced AND experienced coaches. As a former professional player, my toughest job when I started coaching Little League was transferring my knowledge to the kids so they could develop their skills and a love for the game. This book allows coaches to do just that."--Gene Hiser, Chicago Cubs, 1970 - 76

Did we say "drills?" Sorry, we meant games. That's right. Games your young players will love. Games that teach them more effectively than the tedious drills you endured as a kid.

Great Baseball Drills includes 125 step-by-step illustrated games that will keep your players moving, motivated, and most of all, having fun. The basic skills of throwing, fielding, hitting, and pitching are covered in a way that enhances team communication and decision-making skills. Other games focus on bunting, baserunning, fielding by position, and practice games. You'll even learn a thing or two about coaching style, and how to make improvement the goal of your season rather than winning or losing.

  • Use Garland's Ten Commandments of Practices to improve your players and team
  • Find answers to common problems in the Q&A sections
  • Pinpoint weaknesses using the Troubleshooting Chart
  • Create a positive attitude, team spirit, and good parental communications
  • Make practices fun and rewarding
  • Match drills to age and ability

    "Coach Garland has done a great job designing a way for kids to learn basic skills while having fun."--Mike Edge, clinician, Motion Concepts Sports Camps

  • Copyright 2014 McGraw-Hill Global Education Holdings, LLC


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