The Baffled Parent's Guide to Coaching Girls' Basketball

The Baffled Parent\'s Guide to Coaching Girls\' Basketball
By:Thomas, Jeff; Hatchell, Sylvia;
Pub Date:December 6th 2005
Format:Paperback 160 pages
ISBN:0071459235 / 9780071459235
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"If you're serious about coaching girls' basketball, Coach Hatchell's book is a must-read."--Dean Smith, the winningest coach in NCAA men's basketball history

"Coach Hatchell covers everything you need to know about coaching girls' basketball."--Betty Jaynes, CEO Emeritus, Women's Basketball Coaches Association

OK, you've got the clipboard and the whistle, you've entered the gym, and twelve eager young faces turn to you. Now what? Even if you know little or nothing about the sport and even less about coaching, Coaching Girls' Basketball will lead you step by step through a successful season, from meeting your players and organizing your team, through teaching fundamentals, to making crucial game decisions.

Women's Basketball Hall of Fame coach Sylvia Hatchell helps you master the skills, drills, plays, and game-day tactics that will make you a great coach. She also helps you cope with important issues like treating players equally regardless of ability, unhappy parents, helping all your players experience growth and success, and recognizing the crucial differences between coaching girls and boys. Coach Hatchell shows you how to:

  • Prepare for your first practice and first game
  • Match drills to ability
  • Promote good habits, concentration, and teamwork
  • Learn what's unique about coaching girls from age 6 to 14
  • Make practices fun, effective, and rewarding
  • Improve your players and your team
  • Reach all your players
  • Be the coach your players will remember

"Learn from the best. Coach Hatchell knows basketball."--Charlotte Smith-Taylor, forward, Washington Mystics; 1995 ESPN National Player of the Year

Table of contents

Introduction: Now That I'm a Coach, What's Next?

The Coach's Role

Developing a Philosophy and a Style

What Are Your Goals?

Coaching Girls Versus Coaching Boys

How to Use This Book

Part One: Coaching 101: The Coach's Start-Up Kit

1. Preparing for the Season

About the Game

Setting Up the Season

Starting Up

How to Run Effective Practices

2. Teaching the Fundamentals

Warming Up



Catching the Ball





Getting Open: Moves without the Ball

Moves with the Ball


Post Play

Handling Traps

Individual Defensive Skills

3. Teaching Team Offense

Principles of Team Offense

Basic Plays

Man-to-Man Offense: Continuities

Man-to-Man Offense: Set Plays

Zone Offense

Fast-Break Offense

Out-of-Bounds Plays

Press Break

Last-Second Plays

Opening Jump Ball

4. Teaching Team Defense

Half-Court Defense

Full-Court Defense

Defending Screens

5. The Season Is Underway . . . Now What?

Handling Your Players

Motivating Your Players

Building Team Unity


Dealing with Parents

6. Game Time

Mind-Set and Expectations

Pregame Routine

Choosing a Starting Five






Creating the Best Game Plan

Strategies and Tactics

Postgame Routine

The Season Is Over . . . Now What?

Part Two: Drills: The Foundation for Development and Success

Footwork Drills

Conditioning Drills

Stationary Dribbling Drills

Other Dribbling Drills

Passing Drills

Moving without the Ball Drills

Shooting Drills

Defensive Drills

Shell Drills

Rebounding Drills

Fast-Break Drills


Sample Tryout Evaluation Sheet

Sample End-of-Tryouts Letter

Sample Player-Parent Handout

Sample Master Practice Plan

Sample Daily Practice Plan

Sample Stat Sheet

Sample Scorebook Sheet

Sample Game Sheet

Referee Signals




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