Golf's Greatest Eighteen

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May 22, 2003


Electronic book text, 304 pages


0071425411 / 9780071425414

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Main description

Today's top golf writers debate and rank the sport's greatest champions

Armed with a veritable who's who of top golf journalists, Golf's Greatest delves through the past 80 years of golfing history to tackle the most debated question in the game: Who really are the greatest golfers of all time? If you put the all-time champions on an equal playing field today, who would reign victorious? How much would yesterday's stars earn in today's dollars? Weaving together a unique combination of the game's historical feats with modern-day statistical analysis, the world's greatest golf writers offer 18 original essays on the world's greatest golfers, including vivid portraits of Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods.

Contributing writers include:

  • Mike Purkey, president of the Golf Writers of America
  • Ben Wright, CBS broadcaster and golf correspondent for the Sunday Times
  • Jaime Diaz, senior writer for Golf Digest and the New York Times
  • John Garrity, senior writer for Sports Illustrated
  • John Hopkins, golf correspondent for the Times

Author comments

David Mackintosh has been writing about golf for more than three decades and has appeared in every top golf publication, including Golf Digest, Golf magazine, and Golf World. He is a board member of the World Golf Foundation and a current member of Golf magazine's Top 100 Selector Panel.

Back cover copy

"This is a wonderful tribute to the finest players from all eras." -Jack Nicklaus

"This is a most interesting book, embodying the talents of so many of golf's finest writers...a wonderful concept of David Mackintosh. I am pleased to be included in it." - Arnold Palmer

Top sportswriters debate which player is king among golf's champions

Who really is the greatest golfer of all time? In clubhouses around the world the heated debate continues: If the finest men ever to play the game were brought back to this moment in time, playing on modern-day, manicured courses, equipped with the latest aerodynamic golf balls and rocket-shafted titanium clubs, who would triumph as the champion of champions?

In this fascinating reader, eighteen of the world's most acclaimed golf writers take on golf's most intriguing discussion, each writing about a specific player. Every chapter offers a unique and insightful essay, vividly capturing the eighteen top golfers of modern history at the pinnacle of their game, as well as the distinctive spirit of greatness each brought to the arena.

Golf magazine's James Dodson writes eloquently of Sam Snead in Southern hillbilly vernacular. Veteran sportswriter and long-time friend of Jack Nicklaus Kaye Kessler provides the ultimate inside track on the Golden Bear. Jaime Diaz, senior writer for Golf Digest, splendidly captures the determination and discipline of perfectionist Ben Hogan. And sports journalist Tom Auclair goes above and beyond with golf's latest phenomenon, Tiger Woods. These are just a few of the captivating essays you'll find in this compendium of golfing lore.

Celebrated golf writer David Mackintosh then describes the evolution of prize money in golf and his search for an unbiased method of comparing the greatest players in the modern age of the game. Using a "New Money" model, Mackintosh is able to establish the present-day values of all past tournaments and construct a comprehensive analysis of the entire career records of our eighteen greatest champions. This mathematically sound basis of evaluation and comparison puts "Golf's Greatest Eighteen" on the same course, playing for the same prize money, to determine the most prolific championship winners of all time.

A year-by-year all-time "New Money" analysis appears at the end of each essay, so now you can realistically compare the earnings of such legends as Walter Hagen and Gene Sarazen with those of modern-day champions. With each player's complete career translated into current times, Mackintosh's fascinating analysis of the best golfers in history allows you to decide who indeed is the greatest golfer of all time.

"It would be wonderful to be able to bring back Ben Hogan, Gene Sarazen, and Walter Hagen, playing with modern equipment on today's beautifully manicured courses against Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer in their prime or today's Tiger Woods. Even the contributors to this anthology cannot conjure up that miracle. This book, however, is the most realistic level playing field ever constructed."

--from the Introduction

Armed with a veritable who's who of top golf journalists, Golf's Greatest Eighteen delves through the past ninety years of golfing history to tackle the most debated question in the game: Who really is the greatest player?

Weaving together a unique combination of the game's historical feats with modern-day statistical analysis, the world's greatest golf writers offer eighteen original essays on the world's greatest golfers in a highly entertaining and captivating attempt to answer golf's greatest question.

The eighteen players: Severiano Ballesteros, Billy Casper, Nick Faldo, Raymond Floyd, "Sir" Walter Hagen, Ben Hogan, Hale Irwin, Robert Tyre Jones, Jr., Byron Nelson, Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Gene Sarazen, Sam Snead, Lee Trevino, Tom Watson, Tiger Woods.

The eighteen writers: Tom Auclair, Al Barkow, Furman Bisher, Jaime Diaz, James Dodson, John Garrity, Ron Green, Sr., Dave Hackenberg, John Hopkins, John Huggan, Kaye Kessler, Dr. Stephen Lowe, Sidney Matthew, Marino Parascenzo, Mike Purkey, Dan Reardon, Phil Tresidder, Ben Wright.

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