Sea Kayaker's Pocket Guide

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October 1, 2001


Paperback, 144 pages


0071375287 / 9780071375283


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Table of contents

Before You GoTrip PlanningHaving a Plan; Getting the Forecast; Timing the TideClothing and EquipmentStaying Warm, Staying Dry; Staying Cool; Life Vests (PFDs); Checking Your Gear; Adjusting the FitPretrip DetailsWho to Contact; Float Plan; Ten Essentials; Organizing Your GearLaunch DayTransporting KayaksKayaks on Cars; Carrying Your KayakAt the Beach or DockTrimming and Packing the Boat; Launch Site ChecklistGetting In and Out of Your KayakAt the Beach; Launching and Landing at a Dock; Launching in SurfOn the WaterPaddling SmartPaddle Grip; Moving Forward; Turning (Sweep Strokes); Pacing; Crossing a Current (Ferrying); Staying on CourseReading the ConditionsCloud Types; Beaufort Scale (Wind Speed Table); Predicting Wind Direction; Weather Sayings and Observations; Wave HeightsGroup TravelFormations; Group SignalsChallenges at SeaStrong Winds; Beam Seas; Following Seas; Squalls; Fog; Boat TrafficNight PaddlingTraveling Safely; Night SignalsNavigationNavigation SkillsCompass Rose; Buoys; Light Characteristics; Latitude-Longitude Readings; Taking a Bearing; Line of Position; Ranges; Determining Speed of Travel; Determining a Fixed Point; Tidal Current Calculations; Where Am I?Electronic NavigationGPS Waypoints; Storing GPS InformationOn the AirVHF Radio Signals; VHF Radio ProtocolEmergency SituationsWhen Things Go WrongDistress Signals; Lightning; Capsize!; Capsized Partner; Rescue Sling; Lost KayakerWhen It's Time to TowTowing in Seas; Close-Contact Towing; Stabilizing the Towed PaddlerGoing AshoreGetting ThereLanding Sites; Landing in Surf; Public AccessCampingChoosing a Campsite; Setting Up Camp; Using Salt Water; How Much Water?; Leave-No-Trace Kayaking; Gray-Water Disposal; Waste DisposalWildlifeSea Birds; Marine Mammals; Stranded AnimalsField RepairsBoat RepairsLeaks; Composite (Cloth and Resin) Kayaks; Plastic Kayaks; Rudder and Skeg Jams; Jammed Foot Braces; Bulkhead RepairsAccessory RepairsPaddle Breaks; Jammed Paddle Ferrules; Vinyl (Dry Bags, etc.); Dry Suits and Dry Tops; NeopreneFirst AidMuscles and JointsWrist Aches; Shoulder Aches; Dislocated Shoulder; Sprained Ankle; Backaches; Numb FeetHeat and ColdSunburn; Dehydration; Hypothermia; HyperthermiaNature's OfferingsSalt-Water Rashes; Barnacle Cuts; Deer Ticks; Red Tide; Brown-Tail Moths; Poisonous PlantsFrequent ComplaintsBlisters; Burns; Contact Lens ProblemsIndex

Author comments

Shelley Johnson is a contributing editor to Canoe & Kayak, an American Canoe Association - certified kayak instructor, and a registered Maine Guide. She is a frequent contributor to Atlantic Coastal Kayaker and Kayak Touring and the author of Sea Kayaking: A Woman's Guide and The Complete Sea Kayaker's Handbook.

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Like having a trusted guide at your side

Ingenious, simple, and eminently practical, Sea Kayaker's Pocket Guide is all you need to get out on the water and start kayaking. Experienced kayak guide and instructor Shelley Johnson provides expert advice on pretrip planning, launching (and landing) your kayak, paddling tips, weather and navigation, safety and first aid, and leave-no-trace camping. This guide is illustrated throughout by helpful photographs and drawings. Next to your paddle, this book could be the most important item you pack.


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