An Introduction to Music and Art in the Western World

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June 1, 1995


Mixed media product, 432 pages


0697255840 / 9780697255846


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Main description

An Introduction to Music and Art in the Western World, 10th edition, is a clear and attractive guide to the great artists and composers of the West and the societies in which they lived and worked.

Table of contents

1 The Arts and Society 2 The Organization of the Elements of the Visual Arts and Music 3 The Greeks and Their Predecessors (Antiquity -- 100 B.C.) 4 The Roman Empire and the Early Christians (100 B.C. -- A.D. 500) 5 The Medieval Period-Romanesque (500-1100) 6 The Medieval Period-Gothic (1100-1400) 7 The Renaissance (1400-1600) 8 The Baroque and Rococo Periods (1600-1775) 9 The Classic Period (1750-1800) 10 The Romantic Period (1800-1900) 11 Nineteenth-Century Realism and Nationalism (1840-1900) 12 Impressionism and Post-Impressionism (1860-1900) 13 Modernism in the Arts to 1945 (1900-1945) 14 The Arts Today (1945 to present)

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