Professional Development Series Book 4 The Workplace: Chart Your Career

The Workplace: Chart Your Career

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April 25, 2005


Mixed media product, 128 pages


0078298318 / 9780078298318


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Main description

Developed by Dr. Joe Pace and incorporating the same material he has used to guide thousands of students and to train hundreds of instructors across North America, The Professional Development Series is designed to teach the personal skills that lead to college, job, and career success.

The result? Confident, motivated students who have the goals and skills to succeed in your program and in their chosen careers.

One day a student leaves school and has a job; twenty years later they look back and realize they have a career. How can students make sure that the career they choose is fulfilling and rewarding? How can they avoid or overcome the inevitable missteps – taking the wrong job, for example – and get their careers back on track? Book 4 offers guidance on planning a career and, more importantly, on developing, changing, and maintaining it.

Each of the four books of the Series can stand-alone or be purchased in a discounted package with the other texts.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Get Started 1.1Researching Jobs and Careers 1.2Writing a Resume 1.3Promoting Yourself 1.4Networking 1.5Interviewing with Confidence Chapter 2: At Work: Turning a Job into a Career 2.1Setting Benchmarks 2.2Recognizing and Seizing Opportunities 2.3Broadening Knowledge and Skills 2.4Staying on the Right Track 2.5Moving Up: Achieving Greater Influence and Respect Chapter 3: Maintain Your Career 3.1Creating a Professional Reputation 3.2Building and Maintaining a Network 3.3Professional Pride: Taking and Giving Credit and Recognition 3.4Using Your Experience 3.5Working to Live vs. Living to Work: Planning for the Long Run

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