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December 23, 1999


Mixed media product, 0 pages


0078212758 / 9780078212758


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Main description

Designed for use in traditional DC/AC courses, this text serves equally well as a stand-alone introductory text and lab manual or as a lab manual for use with any basic theory text. The content of this text/lab manual is prepared with the technical assistance of the Electronic Industries Association, guaranteeing that the material is consistent with the competencies of the electronics manufacturing and service industries.

Table of contents

Introduction to Experiments Resistor Color Code and Measurement of Resistance Measurement of Voltage Conductors and Insulators Switches and Switching Circuits Measurement of Direct Current Ohm's Law Series Circuits Designing Series Circuit Voltage-Divider Circuits (unloaded) Current in a Parallel Circuit Resistance of a Parallel Circuit Designing Parallel Circuits Resistance of Series-Parallel Circuits Direct-Current Meters (shunts and multipliers) Kirchhoff's Voltage Law (one source) Kirchhoff's Current Law Voltage-Divider Circuits (loaded) Designing Voltage and Current-Divider Circuits Troubleshooting Electric Circuits using Voltage, Current, and Resistance Measurement Maximum Power Transfer Solving Circuits using Mesh Currents Balanced-Bridge Circuit Superposition Theorem Thevenin's Theorem Norton's Theorem Millman's Theorem Magnetic Field Associated with Current in a Wire Inducing Voltage in a Coil Applications of the DC Relay Oscilloscope Operation Oscilloscope Voltage and Frequency Measurement Peak, RMS, and Average Values of AC Characteristics of Inductance Transformers Inductances in Series and Parallel RC Time Constants Reactance of a Capacitor (XC) Capacitors in Series and Parallel The Capacitive Voltage Divider Impedance of a Series RL Circuit Voltage Relationships in a Series RL Circuit Impedance of a Series RC Circuit Voltage Relationships in a Series RC Circuit Power in AC Circuits Frequency Response of a Reactive Circuit Impedance of a Series RLC Circuit Effects of Changes in Frequency on Impedance and Current in a Series RLC Circuit Impedance of Parallel RL and RC Circuits Impedance of a Parralles RLC Circuit Resonant Frequency and Frequency Response of a Series RLC Circuit Effect of Q on Frequency Response and Bandwidth of a Series Resonant Circuit Characteristics of Parallel Resonant Circuits Low-Pass and High-Pass Filters RC Bandpass and Bandstop Filters Nonlinear Resistors - Thermistors Nonlinear Resistors - Varistors (VDRS) APPENDICES A: Wiring Methods B: Familiarization with Hand Tools Used in Electronics C: Soldering Techniques

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