Sexuality Today

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October 5, 2010


Paperback, 608 pages


0073531995 / 9780073531991


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Main description

Sexuality Today successfully balances psychological, biological, and social aspects of human sexuality, integrating the latest research findings and providing a variety of tools to help students engage personally with core concepts. The author's balanced approach is evident in his ability to present various sides of controversial topics in a neutral voice, supported by sound research yet expressed in a lively and applied manner.

Table of contents

Preface Part 1. Social and Biological Foundations of Human Sexuality Chapter 1. Cultural, Historical, and Research Perspectives on SexualityChapter 2. Female Sexual Anatomy and PhysiologyChapter 3. Male Sexual Anatomy and PhysiologyChapter 4. Human Sexual Arousal and ResponseChapter 5. Developmental and Social Perspectives on GenderPart 2. Understanding Sexuality in Ourselves and in Our RelationshipsChapter 6 Sexuality in Infancy, Childhood, and AdolescenceChapter 7. Adult Sexuality and RelationshipsChapter 8. Sexual Individuality and Sexual ValuesChapter 9. Sexuality, Communication, and Relationships Part 3. Human Reproduction, Contraception, and Abortion: Sexuality Confronts Social PolicyChapter 10. Reproduction, Reproductive Technology, and BirthingChapter 11. Decision Making about Pregnancy and ParenthoodPart 4. Sexual Behavior and Contemporary SocietyChapter 12. Solitary Sex and Shared SexChapter 13. Same-Gender Orientation and BehaviorChapter 14. The Spectrum of Human Sexual BehaviorChapter 15. Sex, Art, the Media, and the LawPart 5. Dealing with Sexual ProblemsChapter 16. Sexual Consent, Coercion, Rape, and AbuseChapter 17. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV/AIDS, and Sexual DecisionsChapter 18. Sexual Dysfunctions and Their TreatmentGlossary References Credits Index

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