Women's Voices, Feminist Visions: Classic and Contemporary Readings

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July 29, 2011


Mixed media product, 768 pages


007351232X / 9780073512327


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Main description

As a leading introductory women's studies reader, Shaw and Lee's Women's Voices, Feminist Visions offers an excellent balance of classic, conceptual, and experiential selections including new contemporary readings. This student-friendly text provides short and accessible readings reflecting the diversity of women's experiences. With each new edition, the authors keep the framework essays and selections of readings fresh and interesting for students.

Table of contents

1 Women's Studies: Perspectives and Practices What Is Women's Studies? How Did Women's Studies Come About? What Were the Origins of Women's Rights Activism in the United States? What Is the Status of Women's Studies on College Campuses Today? What Does Women's Studies Have to Do with Feminism? What Are the Myths Associated with Feminism? 1 ADRIENNE RICH | Claiming an Education 2 BEVERLY GUY-SHEFTALL AND BONNIE THORNTON DILL | Forty Years of Women's Studies: Origins and Intersections 3 JANE O'REILLY | The Housewife's Moment of Truth 4 JENNIFER BAUMGARDNER AND AMY RICHARDS | A Day Without Feminism 5 BELL HOOKS | Feminist Politics: Where We Stand 6 CV HARQUAIL | Facebook for Women vs. Facebook Designed by Feminists: Different vs. Revolutionary 7 ANNA QUINDLEN | Still Needing the F Word 8 MARGE PIERCY | My Heroines Discussion Questions for Chapter 1 Suggestions for Further Reading
2 Systems of Privilege and Inequality Difference, Hierarchy, and Systems of Privilege and Inequality Institutions Ideology 9 PATRICIA HILL COLLINS | Toward a New Vision: Race, Class, and Gender as Categories of Analysis and Connection 10 MARILYN FRYE | Oppression 11 AUDRE LORDE| There Is No Hierarchy of Oppression 12 SUZANNE PHARR | Homophobia: A Weapon of Sexism 13 PEGGY MCINTOSH | White Privilege and Male Privilege 14 CHERRÍE MORAGA | What's Race Gotta Do with It? 15 FELICE YESKEL | Opening Pandora's Box: Adding Classism to the Agenda 16 ELLIE MAMBER | Don't Laugh, It's Serious, She Says 17 SUSAN WENDELL | The Social Construction of Disability 18 JUNE JORDAN | Report from the Bahamas Discussion Questions for Chapter 2 Suggestions for Further Reading
3 Learning Gender Biology and Culture Masculinity Femininity Gender Ranking 19 ANNE FAUSTO-STERLING | The Five Sexes, Revisited 20 JUDITH LORBER | The Social Construction of Gender 21 CORDEILA FINE | Unraveling Hardwiring 22 EVELYN BLACKWOOD | Trans Identities and Contigent Masculinities: Being Tombois in Everyday Practice 23 DAVID WEXLER | Shame-O-Phobia 24 NELLIE WONG | When I Was Growing Up 25 ISIS H. SETTLES, JENNIFER S. PRATT-HYATT, AND NICOLE BUCHANAN | Through the Lens of Race: Black and White Women's Perception of Womanhood 26 DEBRA ROSENBERG | (Rethinking) Gender Discussion Questions for Chapter 3 Suggestions for Further Reading
4 Sex, Power, and Intimacy The Social Construction of Sexuality The Politics of Sexuality Intimacies 27 JESSICA VALENTI | The Cult of Virginity 28 bell hooks | Romance: Sweet Love 29 JENNIFER BAUMGARDNER | What Is Bisexuality? 30 ELLEN BASS | Gate C22 31 LEILA RUPP | A World of Difference 32 PAULA GUNN ALLEN | Some Like Indians Endure 33 ELISA ALBERT | I'm Gonna Wash That King Right Out of My Hair 34 ANDREA SMITH | Dismantling Hierarchy, Queering Society 35 KIMBERLY SPRINGER | Queering Black Female Heterosexuality Discussion Questions for Chapter 4 Suggestions for Further Reading
5 Inscribing Gender on the Body Bodies, Nature, and Women The "Beauty" Ideal Eating Disorders Resisting "Beauty" Ideals 36 JOAN JACOBS BRUMBERG | Breast Buds and the "Training" Bra 37 GLORIA STEINEM | If Men Could Menstruate 38 AIMEE MULLINS | Prosthetic Power 39 MARNI GROSSMAN | Beating Anorexia and Gaining Feminism 40 LISA R. RUBIN, MAKO L. FITTS, AND ANNE E. BECKER | Body Ethics and Aesthetics Among African American and Latina Women 41 ROSE WEITZ | What We Do for Love 42 LISA MIYA-JERVIS | Hold That Nose 43 COURTNEY E. MARTIN | Love Your Fat Self 44 JONATHAN WATTS | China's Cosmetic Surgery Craze 45 SIMONE WEIL DAVIS | Designer Vaginas Discussion Questions for Chapter 5 Suggestions for Further Reading
6 Health and Reproductive Rights Health and Wellness Reproductive Choice 46 MARGARET SANGER | My Fight for Birth Control 47 ELEANOR COONEY | The Way It Was 48 JOHN E. LEWIS, MARIA-JOSE MIGUEZ-BURBANO, AND ROBERT M. MALOW | HIV Risk Behavior Among College Students in the United States 49 NANCY FUGATE WOODS | A Global Health Imperative 50 JENNIFER PARKS | Rethinking Radical Politics in the Context of Assisted Reproductive Technology 51 JAEL SILLMAN, MARLENE GERBER FRIED, LORETTA ROSS, AND ELENA R. GUTIÉRREZ | Women of Color and Their Struggle for Reproductive Justice 52 SELDON MCCURRIE | Eyes on the Prize Discussion Questions for Chapter 6 Suggestions for Further Reading
7 Family Systems, Family Lives Definitions of Family Institutional Connections Power and Family Relationships Mothering 53 EMMA GOLDMAN | Marriage and Love 54 LISA MIYA-JERVIS | Who Wants to Marry a Feminist? 55 HEIDI BRUGGINK | Don't Give Up Your Day Job: Leslie Bennetts on The Feminine Mistake 56 CHARLENE GOMES | Partners as Parents: Challenges Faced by Gays Denied Marriage 57 JOEL PRESTON SMITH | Hardscrabble Salvation 58 BETH SCHWARTZAPFEL | Lullabies Behind Bars 59 MAYA ANGELOU | Our Grandmothers Discussion Questions for Chapter 7 Suggestions for Further Reading
8 Women's Work Inside and Outside the Home Unpaid Labor in the Home Paid Labor 60 PAT MAINARDI | The Politics of Housework 61 SHARLENE HESSE-BIBER AND GREGG LEE CARTER | A Brief History of Working Women 62 BARBARA EHRENREICH | Maid to Order: The Politics of Other Women's Work 63 MOMO CHANG | Color Me Nontoxic 64 MARTHA BURK | Power Plays: Six Ways the Male Corporate Elite Keeps Women Out 65 CARRIE N. BAKER | The Women's Movement Against Sexual Harassment 66 CAROL LEIGH | The Strange Relationship Between Feminism and Sex Work Discussion Questions for Chapter 8 Suggestions for Further Reading
9 Women Confronting and Creating Culture Digital Technologies Television The Movies Contemporary Music and Music Videos Print Media Literature and the Arts 67 VIRGINIA WOOLF | Thinking About Shakespeare's Sister 68 EMILY DICKINSON | The Wife 69 MELISSA SUE KORT | Jane Addiction 70 AUDRE LORDE | Poetry Is Not a Luxury 71 SUSAN DOUGLAS | Enlightened Sexism 72 AYA DE LEON | If Women Ran Hip Hop 73 CARLEN LAVIGNE | Death Wore Black Chiffon: Sex and Gender in CSI 74 JOAN ACOCELLA AND JOHANNAH COUSINS | Singing and Dancing with Gender: Two Essays on Reality TV 75 AMANDA LENHART | Sexting 76 ALISON PIEPMEIER | Bad Girl, Good Girl: Zines Doing Feminism Discussion Questions for Chapter 9 Suggestions for Further Reading
10 Resisting Violence Against Women Rape Battering and Physical Abuse Incest Pornography 77 ANDREA SMITH | Beyond the Politics of Inclusion: Violence Against Women of Color and Human Rights 78 MARIAH LOCKWOOD | She Said 79 MIMI SWARTZ | The Lost Girls 80 DEBRA ANNE DAVIS | Betrayed by the Angel: What Happens When Violence Knocks and Politeness Answers? 81 TAKYIWAA MANUH AND ADOLF AWUKU BEKOE | Confronting Violence 82 DONNA ST. GEORGE | Textual Harassment 83 GRACE CAROLINE BRIDGES | Lisa's Ritual, Age 10 84 NILANJANA S. ROY, JEFFREY GETTLEMAN, AND NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF | Rape and War: Three Essays on a Theme Discussion Questions for Chapter 10 Suggestions for Further Reading
11 State, Law, and Social Policy Government and Representation Women and the Law Public Policy The Criminal Justice System The Military 85 SUSAN B. ANTHONY | Constitutional Argument 86 GAYLYNN BURROUGHS | Too Poor to Parent 87 LIBBY SANDER AND DAVID MOLTZ | Title IX Update: Two Essays 88 ANDREA DOYLE HUGMEYER | Delinquent Girls 89 HELEN BENEDICT | The Plight of Women Soldiers 90 SHAHNAZ KHAN | From Rescue to Recognition: Rethinking the Afghan Conflict 91 ALEKSANDRA DJAJIC-HORVÁTH | First Morning in Exile Discussion Questions for Chapter 11 Suggestions for Further Reading
12 Religion and Spirituality Religion as Oppressive to Women Religion as Empowering to Women Women and God-Language Reinterpreting, Reconstructing, and Decolonizing Traditions Creating New Spiritual Traditions 92 ELIZABETH CADY STANTON | Introduction to The Woman's Bible 93 KAYLIN HAUGHT | God Says Yes to Me 94 KAREN MCCARTHY BROWN | Fundamentalism and the Control of Women 95 SYLVIA MARCOS | Decolonizing Religious Beliefs 96 AN INTERVIEW WITH SYAFA ALMIRZANAH | The Prophet's Daughter 97 JUDITH PLASKOW | Standing Again at Sinai 98 ALICIA SUSKIN OSTRIKER | Everywoman Her Own Theology 99 CARYN D. RISWOLD | Feminist Questions of Christianity 100 MEGAN SWEAS | Catholic and Feminist: You Got a Problem with That? Discussion Questions for Chapter 12 Suggestions for Further Reading
13 Activism, Change, and Feminist Futures The Promise of Feminist Education Activism Future Visions 101 LISA MARIE HOGELAND | Fear of Feminism: Why Young Women Get the Willies 102 PHYLLIS ROSSER | Too Many Women in College? 103 MICHAEL KIMMEL | Real Men Join the Movement 104 NATALIE MERCHANT | Wonder 105 RUTH ROSEN | Epilogue: Beyond Backlash 106 KATHA POLLITT | Amber Waves of Blame 107 MOYA BAILEY AND ALEXIS PAULINE GUMBS | We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For 108 JENNY JOSEPH | Warning Discussion Questions for Chapter 13 Suggestions for Further Reading
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