The Western Experience

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November 30, 2009


Mixed media product, 1040 pages


0073385530 / 9780073385532


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Main description

The Western Experience offers a thorough, analytical overview of Western civilization, giving students an introduction to the major achievements in Western thought, art, and science--as well as the social, political, and economic context for understanding those developments. The updated 10th edition now offers streamlined coverage the early nineteenth century and significantly updated post World War II coverage. To help readers develop their reasoning and writing skills, each chapter is constructed to serve as an example of a historical essay: A historical problem is presented, and arguments are developed using historical evidence. The Western Experience is available in a single volume as well as two-volume format.

Table of contents

Preface Chapter 1 The First Civilizations Chapter 2 The Forming of Greek Civilizations Chapter 3 Classical and Hellenistic Greece Chapter 4 The Roman Republic Chapter 5 The Empire and Christianity Chapter 6 The Making of Western Europe Chapter 7 The Empires of the Early Middle Ages (800-1000): Creation and Erosion Chapter 8 Restoration of an Ordered Society Chapter 9 The Flowering of Medieval Civilization Chapter 10 The Urban Economy and the Consolidation of States Chapter 11 Breakdown and Renewal in an Age of Plague Chapter 12 Tradition and Change in European Culture, 1300-1500 Chapter 13 Reformations in Religion Chapter 14 Economic Expansion and a New Politics Chapter 15 War and Crisis Chapter 16 Culture and Society in the Age of the Scientific Revolution Chapter 17 The Emergence of the European State System Chapter 18 The Wealth of Nations Chapter 19 The Age of Enlightenment Chapter 20 The French Revolution Chapter 21 The Age of Napoleon Chapter 22 Foundations of Nineteenth Century Europe Chapter 23 States and Nations in the Nineteenth Century, 1830-1870 Chapter 24 Progress and Its Discontents Chapter 25 Nineteenth-Century Empires Chapter 26 World War I and the World it Created Chapter 27 The Great Twentieth-Century Crisis Chapter 28 The Nightmare: World War II Chapter 29 Europe in the Postwar Era Chapter 30 Europe in the Global Era

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