LSC Introduction to Marketing (Online Course Blackboard)

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October 23, 2007


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Main description

This course provides a survey of fundamental marketing concepts. The topics covered range from consumer behavior to marketing ethics and include market research, planning, strategy, products, pricing, promotions, distribution, wholesaling, and retailing. The focus is both domestic and global, with several real-world examples of marketing successes and failures.

After completing this course, students will be able to: - Define the marketing process and how market factors and consumers impact marketing.

- Describe the marketing mix, and differentiate between the concepts of a marketing plan, marketing strategy, and process.

- Describe how social forces, culture, technology, competition, and economic forces impact marketing.

- Differentiate between ethical and legal behavior in marketing and describe how it impacts social responsibility.

- Describe the stages of the purchase decision making process and examine how psychology and sociocultural influences impact consumers.

- Examine global marketing strategies and how environmental variables impact marketing.

- Describe the market research process and how market data is gathered, analyzed, and interpreted.

- Describe market segmentation and analyze approaches to positioning a new product in the market.

- Differentiate between the concepts of product line, product mix, good, services, and classify business goods into categories.

- Explore the factors influencing a successful branding strategy, and compare pricing strategies while performing calculations related to determining pricing for a product.

- Examine marketing channels and retailing and the significance of supply chain and logistics management in marketing.

- Examine the promotional mix and the communication process in marketing and compare and contrast a variety of advertising and direct marketing strategies.

Table of contents

Topic 1The Value of Marketing What Is Marketing? Macromarketing Versus Micromarketing Customer Satisfaction Marketing Concepts Topic 2Marketing Strategies and Plans The Four Ps Marketing Strategy Planning The Strategic Marketing Process Topic 3The Marketing Environment Social and Cultural Forces Technological Forces Economic Forces Competitive and Regulatory Forces Topic 4Ethics and Social Responsibility Ethical and Legal Framework Ethical Behavior Social Responsibility Topic 5Consumer Behavior and Organizational Buying Purchase Decision Process Psychological Influences Sociocultural Influences Organizational Buying Topic 6Reaching Global Markets Global Environmental Scan Global Market-Entry Strategies Crafting a Worldwide Marketing Program Topic 7Improving Your Marketing Strategy with Research Define the Problem Develop the Research Plan Collect the Data Analyze the Data and Solve the Problems Topic 8Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning Segmenting Markets Steps in Segmenting and Targeting Markets Product Positioning Perceptual Maps Topic 9Developing New Products What Is a Product? Classes of Products Why New Products Succeed or Fail The New Product Development Process Topic 10Managing Products, Brands, and Services Managing Products Managing Brands Managing Services Topic 11Pricing Importance of Price Pricing Objectives and Constraints Break-Even Analysis Pricing Approaches Topic 12Distribution and Retailing Marketing Channels and Intermediaries Direct and Indirect Marketing Channels Supply Chain and Logistics Management Retailing Topic 13Introduction to Promotion The Communication Process The Promotional Mix Balancing Promotional Elements Topic 14Promotional Elements: Direct Marketing and Advertising Direct-Response Marketing Types of Ads Developing an Advertising Program Executing and Evaluating an Advertising Program Topic 15Review

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