Anatomy & Physiology: An Integrative Approach

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January 6, 2012


Hardback, 1272 pages


0073054615 / 9780073054612


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Main description

The McKinley/O'Loughlin/Bidle: Anatomy & Physiology: An Integrative Approach text brings multiple elements of the study of A&P together in ways that maximise understanding. Text discussions provide structural details in the context of their functional significance to integrate coverage of anatomy and physiology in each chapter. Chapters emphasise the interdependence of body systems by weaving prior coverage of one system into textual explanations of how other systems work. These system relationships are also covered in “Integrate: Concept Connection” boxes. All figures are carefully designed to support the text narrative, and carry brief textual explanations to make figures self-contained study tools.

Special “Concept Overview” figures in each chapter tie together multi-faceted concepts in 1- or 2-page visual summaries. Applications are presented in “Integrate: Clinical View” boxes to apply chapter content using clinical examples that show students what can go wrong in the body, to help crystallise understanding of the “norm;” clinical scenarios are also used in “What Do You Think?”, “Can You Apply What You've Learned?”, and “Can You Synthesise What You've Learned?” question sets; and career opportunities pursued by students studying A&P are highlighted at the beginning of each chapter. Everyday analogies and practical advice for remembering material are presented in “Integrate: Learning Strategy” boxes. Chapters end with a summary of media tools available to help learn each chapter's content.

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Table of contents

1. Sciences of Anatomy and Physiology 2. Atoms, ScIons, and Molecules 3. Energy, Chemical Reactions, and Glucose Metabolism4. Biology of the Cell5. Tissue Organization6. Integumentary System7. Skeletal System: Bone Structure and Function8. Skeletal System: Axial and Appendicular Skeleton9. Skeletal System: Articulations10. Muscular System: Muscle Tissue11. Muscular System: Axial and Appendicular Muscles12. Nervous System: Nervous Tissue13. Nervous System: Brain and Cranial Nerves14. Nervous System: Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves15. Nervous System: Autonomic Nervous System 16. Nervous System: Senses17. Endocrine System18. Cardiovascular System: Blood19. Cardiovascular System: The Heart20. Cardiovascular System: Vessels and Circulation21. Lymphatic System 22. The Immune System and the Body's Defense23. Respiratory System24. Urinary System25. Fluid and Electrolytes26. Digestive System27. Nutrition, Regulation of Metabolism, Energy, and Heat28. Reproductive System29. Development,Pregnancy, and Heredity

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