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September 19, 2000


Mixed media product, 322 pages


0072401702 / 9780072401707


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Main description

Spacepower for a New Millennium examines how military space activities might best contribute to United States national security by analyzing key current and future issues such as missile defense and how to organize for military space. Composed of essays written by eminent participants in the realms of space, politics, academia, and national security, this book focuses on the issues raised in U.S. Space Command's 1998 report, Long Range Plan: Implementing USSPACECOM Vision for 2020. The book is divided into four parts: current military space issues, space and military defense, organizing for military space missions and future military space missions.

Table of contents

Foreword Bernard Schriever Spacepower for a New Millennium: Examining Current U.S. Capabilities and Policies Peter L.Hays, James M. Smith, Alan R. Van Tassel, and Guy M. Walsh National Space Policy and National Defense Marc J. Berkowitz Acquisition of Space Power for a New Millennium Roger G. DeKok and Bob Preston The USAF Space Warfare Center: Bringing Space to the Warfighter Gary R. Dylewski Space and Ballistic Missile Defense Program Lester L. Lyles Space Defense: An Idea Whose Time Has Come? Henry F. Cooper Charting a New Course on Missile Defense Curt Weldon The Aerospace Force of Today and Tomorrow: Transforming the Air Force to Control the Vertical Dimension Howell M. Estes III Shaping the Battlespace: Alternative Military Space Organizations Dana J. Johnson and Kenneth J. Reynolds Organizing for Space-Based Intelligence Gathering Keith R. Hall Future Military Space Technologies Daniel Hastings Space Control for the 21st Century: A Space "Navy" Protecting the Commercial Basis of America's Wealth Simon P. Worden Spacepower and the Revolution in Military Affairs: A Glass Half-Full Colin S. Gray and John B. Sheldon Spacepower and America's Future Brian R. Sullivan Epilogue: Spacepower for a New Millennium--Space and U.S.National Security Ronald Fogleman

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