IBM Cognos TM1 The Official Guide

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October 22, 2011


Electronic book text, 704 pages

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0071765700 / 9780071765701

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Main description

The only official guide to building effective business solutions with TM1 from IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos TM1: The Official Guide offers complete coverage of the 64-bit in-memory online analytical processing (OLAP) engine. Based on the newest release, TM1 10, this official guide offers an advanced tutorial for TM1 concepts from a technical and a business point of view. The authors, members of the TM1 team, provide typical business examples and technical insights for building practical solutions, based on their own experiences. Emphasis is placed on teaching best practices and expanding skills to learn the more powerful capabilities of TM1. The book covers analytical processing, data entry, simulation, workflow components, and more.

IBM Cognos TM1: The Official Guide:

  • The first and only officially endorsed book on IBM Cognos TM1
  • Written by members of IBM Cognos TM1 team with combined experience of 50 years with the product
  • Provides working solutions for relevant business problems
  • Offers deep insights into the most powerful and undocumented capabilities of TM1
  • Explains how to build actionable business intelligence

Table of contents

Part I: Meeting the Business Requirements of High Velocity & Uncertainty
Chapter 1 Increased Forecasting and Budgeting Cycles
Chapter 2 Rise of Scenario Analytics
Chapter 3 Heightened ERP Requirements
Chapter 4 Rising Demands on Data Warehouses
Part II: The Promise of In-Memory Analytics with IBM Cognos TM1
Chapter 1 Evolution of IBM Cognos TM1
Chapter 2 Meeting the Requirements
Part III: Developing IBM Cognos TM1 Solutions
Chapter 1 The T of TM1
Chapter 2 IBM Cognos TM1 Building Blocks
Chapter 3 Deploying IBM Cognos TM1 Solutions via Microsoft Excel
Chapter 4 Enhancing User Experience
Chapter 5 IBM Cognos TM1 Server in Production
Part IV: Optimizing IBM Cognos TM1 Based Solutions
Chapter 1 Managing a Deployed IBM Cognos TM1 Solution
Chapter 2 Under the Hood
Chapter 3 Performance Optimization (Reducing Content Reader/Writer)
Part V: Business Solutions with IBM Cognos TM1
Chapter 1 Business Modeling with OLAP
Chapter 2 Sales and Profitability Analysis
Chapter 3 Budgeting
Chapter 4 Costing
Chapter 5 Production Planning and Costing Analysis
Chapter 6 Financial and Cash Flow Planning
Chapter 7 Driver Based Planning with Rolling Forecast
Chapter 8 Multi-year Scenario Planning
Chapter 9 KPIs, Dashboards and Balanced Scorecards
Chapter 10 Group Performance Management
Chapter 11 Risk Management

Author comments

Dr. Karsten Oehler is responsible for the performance management competence centers with IBM Deutschland GmbH, Frankfurt. He has published four books on IT systems for financial applications and OLAP, as well as more than 130 publications on software systems for managerial accounting.

Jochen Gruenes leads the competence center for TM1 within the technical sales organization for IBM Deutschland GmbH in Bonn. He has led several projects and workshops on the enhanced uses of TM1.

Dr. Christopher Ilacqua is a member of IBM Business Analytics division and has 20+ years' experience working with TM1 as both a customer and helping customers globally seeking to improve their planning, forecasting, and analysis solutions.

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