Understanding ETF Options: Profitable Strategies for Diversified, Low-Risk Investing

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October 11, 2011


Mixed media product, 240 pages


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Main description

Proven ways to increase profits while reducing risk in one of today’s fastest growing markets

Finding a safe investment in today’s markets makes looking for that needle in a haystack seem easy. With a single whale able to move a market, herds of elephants ready to stampede after it, and a global computer network executing high-frequency trades in milliseconds, an investor might think stuffing cash under a mattress is safe financial planning. But those dollars have lost about 40 percent of their buying power in the last 20 years.

Understanding ETF Options is the best way to protect and grow your assets in the financial climate ahead.

This hands-on guidebook gives you a unique audience with options expert Kenneth Trester, who has traded on the exchanges since their inception in 1973. This book culls his experience in systems analysis, operations research, and investment management to help you diversify risk while profiting on market volatility.

Through conversational explanations and real-world examples, it lays out how ETFs offer retail investors easy access to diversified financial value and demonstrates effective techniques to acquire, safeguard, and accrue wealth by trading options on these unique securities.

Whether you are an experienced investor or have never executed a trade, Understanding ETF Options can get you up and running on the exchanges with confidence and control. It comes with such essential tools as the Fair Value Option tables and covers everything you need to know to trade ETF options successfully, including:

  • An insider’s explanation of ETFs
  • How to identify valuable ETFs
  • How to avoid rogue waves
  • Strategies for achieving your goals among the elephants, whales, and computers
  • Professional traders’ secrets for option buying and writing

As far as options are concerned, everything comes down to time and movement. Now is your time to make a move and put your future wealth into your own hands with Understanding ETF Options.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Investing in a dangerous environment; Chapter 2: Beware of Rouge Waves; Chapter 3: The Explosion of ETF's; chapter 4: Look our for Elephants and Sharks; Chapter 5: Diversify, Diversify, Diversify; Chapter 6: Don't Follow the Money Managers; Chapter 7: Options Made Easy; Chapter 8: The Secret Advantage to Buying Options; Chapter 9: The Secret Path Followed by Option Professionals; Chapter 10: How to Buy Stocks and ETF's at Lower Prices; Chapter 11: Introduction to Option Writing; Chapter 12: The Win-Win Strategy; Chapter 13: Valuing Option Plays

Author comments

Kenneth R. Trester is recognized as a leading international options advisor. A popular speaker at financial conventions and options trading seminars, he is credited with originating many of the options strategies that are industry standards today. He is the author of The Complete Option Player, 101 Option Trading Secrets, Sure Bet Investing, and The Option Player’s Advanced Guidebook.

Back cover copy

Understanding ETF Options is a complete guidebook to entering an explosive market where you can enjoy security in diversification while profiting from volatility. Guided by Kenneth Trester, a leading authority in options trading, you will learn how to create a successful hedge fund from the ground up—customized to meet your unique financial goals.

Inside, Trester shares his personal approach and tool set for buying ETFs at bargain prices and selling them for optimal gains. Every topic is covered with the clarity you need to trade with confidence, including:

  • Using options to improve the performance of ETFs
  • Writing naked puts like the pros
  • Maximizing your trading profits in up, down, and sideways markets
  • Turning price swings into profits
  • Accurately diagramming profit and loss potential before placing a trade

Whether you want to invest in commodities, currencies, bonds, or many other sectors, Understanding ETF Options is your first step on a long journey of financial success.

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