All About Dividend Investing, Second Edition

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November 12, 2010


Mixed media product, 256 pages


0071759441 / 9780071759441


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Main description

The safe, profitable alternative to a losing bet

While many of us were learning the hard way that a buy-and-hope strategy is bound to fail, Don Schreiber, Jr., and Gary E. Stroik were busy updating All About Dividend Investing--the proven answer to a highly flawed, totally outdated, but all-too-common investing approach.

This back-to-basics book argues that dividend-paying stocks, not growth stocks, form the best foundation for any portfolio. Used strategically, dividends are your best bet for safe, profitable investing. Why? Three simple facts: Dividends are low risk. Dividends work in bull markets. Dividends work in bear markets. Whether you're a veteran investor or a beginner, All About Dividend Investing, Second Edition, provides the facts you need about:

  • Tax advantages of dividend-paying stocks
  • Dividend ratios and other key stock information
  • Dividend portfolio design
  • Managing risk and protecting gains
  • Dividend-based mutual funds and ETFs
  • Current historical analyses of market cycles

Table of contents

Chapter 1. The Compelling Evidence for Dividend Investing; Chapter 2. Dividends 101 - A Basic Primer; Chapter 3. New Advantages of Dividend Investing; Chapter 4. Head Start for Income Investors; Chapter 5. Advantages for Growth Investors; Chapter 6. Doing Your Homework; Chapter 7. Filling Your Toolbox; Chapter 8. Laying the Foundation; Chapter 9. Building Your Portfolio; Chapter 10. Safeguard Your Capital; Chapter 11. DRIPs, Folios, and Mutual Funds; Chapter 12. Staying On Course

Author comments

Don Schreiber, Jr., is founder, president, and CEO of WBI Investments, Inc., an investment management firm.

Gary E. Stroik is vice president, portfolio manager, and investment committee chair of WBI Investments, Inc.

The authors live in South Plainfield, New Jersey.

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