The Organized Teacher's Guide to Substitute Teaching

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August 21, 2012


Mixed media product, pages

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Main description

Have no fear, the substitute is here! Be prepared with the confidence and the knowledge for any classroom situation.

As a substitute teacher, you have the powers of a superhero. Who else could teach sixth grade math one day and then transform into a sub for the kindergarten gym instructor the next? What other educator bravely goes into work not knowing what subject or grade he or she will teach that day and still manages a smile? But even superheroes need a little help; that is where this book comes in. The Organized Teacher's Guide to Substitute Teaching is the only guide that gives you the tips and strategies to not only survive a day of strangers but actually create an impact in the classroom.

Appropriate for grades kindergarten through six, this bible for substitute teachers will get you through the entire school day, even if the regular teacher did not leave lesson plans! Among hundreds of valuable ideas, The Organized Teacher's Guide to Substitute Teaching offers:

  • A guide to making your own Substitute Teacher Tool Kit, filled with items you will need throughout your day
  • In-depth information about each grade level so you know what to expect, no matter what class you're assigned
  • Core curriculum activities, writing assignments, and projects specifically targeted to each grade level
  • Sponge activities, games, and fillers designed to help you fill the time until class transitions or before the end of the day
  • Advice on how to keep calm and in control even if students try to test your limits
  • An interactive CD-ROM with ready-to-print templates and worksheets

Author comments

Steve Springer, MA, has taught for more than 20 years and has developed teacher-training programs for the Los Angeles Unified School District and internationally. He has a master's degree in curriculum and instruction, focusing on teaching science through the arts.

Kimberly Persiani, EdD, is an associate professor of curriculum and instruction at Cal State University. She presents frequently at teachers' conferences in the United States and internationally.

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