Beginning Spanish for the Utterly Confused with Audio CD, Second Edition

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June 16, 2010


Mixed media product, 264 pages


0071739637 / 9780071739634


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Main description

When it comes to understanding Spanish, even good students can be confused. Beginning Spanish for the Utterly Confused offers you explanations of Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and common phrases and expressions. Its easy-to-use format will get you comfortable with using Spanish for communication quickly and easily.


  • Fun icons that highlight quick tips
  • Helpful review for before a test
  • End-of-chapter summaries
  • Self-tests
  • A CD that provides clear pronunciation models for the 26 dialogues throughout the book, as well as selected audio exercises

Topics include:
Being Friendly; Developing a Spanish Vocabulary; Identifying People; Describing People; Identifying and Describing Objects; Telling Times and Dates; Describing Conditions; Indicating Location; Reporting the Weather; Giving Facts and Describing Usual Activities; Telling About Actions Toward Oneself, Other People, and Objects; Telling about Interactions and Feelings; Describing Activities in Progress; Telling Intentions and Plans

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Being Friendly; Chapter 2. Developing a Spanish vocabulary; Chapter 3. Identifying People; Chapter 4. Describing People; Chapter 5. Identifying and Describing Objects; Chapter 6. Telling Times and Dates; Chapter 7. Describing Conditions; Chapter 8. Indicating Location; Chapter 9. Reporting the Weather; Chapter 10. Giving Facts and Describing Usual Activities; Chapter 11. Telling About Actions toward Oneself, Other People, and Objects; Chapter 12. Telling about Interactions and Feelings; Chapter 13. Describing Activities in Progress; Chapter 14. Telling Intentions and Plans; Chapter 15. Appendix

Author comments

Author Information
Jean Yates, Ph.D.
is an experienced teacher of Spanish and successful author of Spanish language-learning grammars and materials for Spanish-speaking learners of English.

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