Practice Makes Perfect Geometry

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June 17, 2010


Mixed media product, 160 pages

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0071638148 / 9780071638142


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Main description

A no-nonsense practical guide to geometry, providing concise summaries, clear model examples, and plenty of practice, making this workbook the ideal complement to class study or self-study, preparation for exams or a brush-up on rusty skills.

About the Book
Established as a successful practical workbook series with more than 20 titles in the language learning category, Practice Makes Perfect now provides the same clear, concise approach and extensive exercises to key fields within mathematics. The key to the Practice Makes Perfect series is the extensive exercises that provide learners with all the practice they need for mastery.

  • Not focused on any particular test or exam, but complementary to most geometry curricula
  • Deliberately all-encompassing approach: international perspective and balance between traditional and newer approaches.
  • Large trim allows clear presentation of worked problems, exercises, and explained answers. Features
  • No-nonsense approach: provides clear presentation of content.
  • Over 500 exercises and answers covering all aspects of geometry
  • Successful series: "Practice Makes Perfect" has sales of 1,000,000 copies in the language category – now applied to mathematics
  • Workbook is not exam specific, yet it provides thorough coverage of the geometry skills required in most math tests.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Logic and Reasoning
Chapter 2. Lines and Angles
Chapter 3. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Chapter 4. Congruent Triangles
Chapter 5. Inequalities
Chapter 6. Quadrilaterals and Other Polygons
Chapter 7. Similarity
Chapter 8. Right Triangles
Chapter 9. Circles
Chapter 10. Trigonometry
Chapter 11. Coordinate Geometry
Chapter 12. Transformations
Chapter 13. Area, Perimeter and Circumference
Chapter 14. Surface Area
Chapter 15. Volume
Answer Key

Author comments

Carolyn Wheater teaches middle school and upper school mathematics at the Nightingale-Bamford School in New York City. Educated at Marymount Manhattan College and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, she has taught math and computer technology for 30 years to students from preschool through college.

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