McGraw-Hill's SAT Subject Test: Biology E/M, 2/E

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February 1, 2009


Electronic book text, 352 pages


0071609210 / 9780071609210

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Main description

We want to help you score high on the SAT Biology E/M tests

We've put all of our proven expertise into McGraw-Hill's SAT Subject Test: Biology E/M to make sure you're fully prepared for these difficult exams. With this book, you'll get essential skill-building techniques and strategies created by leading high school biology teachers and curriculum developers. You'll also get 5 full-length practice tests, hundreds of sample questions, and all the facts about the current exams. With McGraw-Hill's SAT Subject Test: Biology E/M, we'll guide you step by step through your preparation program-and give you the tools you need to succeed.
  • 4 full length practice exams and a diagnostic exam with complete explanations for every question
  • 30 top test items to remember on exam day
  • A step-by-step review of all topics covered on the two exams
  • Teacher-recommended tips and strategies to help you raise your score

Table of contents

McGraw-Hill's SAT Subject Test: Biology E/M, 2/E Part I: About the SAT Biology E/M Test The Top 20 Things You Need to Know for the SAT Biology E/M Test Chapter 1: What You Need to Know about the SAT Biology E/M Test Chapter 2: How to Use This Book Chapter 3: Smart Tips for the SAT: Biology E/M Test Chapter 4: Diagnostic Test Chapter 5: Test-Taking Skills and Strategies Part II: Review of Biology Topics Chapter 6: Understanding Molecular and Cellular Biology Lesson 6-1. Molecular Biology Lesson 6-2. Cells Lesson 6-3. Energy in the Cell: Enzymes, Respiration, and Photosynthesis Lesson 6-4. DNA, RNA, Protein Lesson 6-5. Mitosis and Meiosis Chapter 7: Understanding Genetics Lesson 7-1. Mendelian Inheritance Lesson 7-2. The Genetic Bases of Inheritance Lesson 7-3. Beyond Simple Inheritance Lesson 7-4. Using Punnett Squares Lesson 7-5. Using Pedigrees Chapter 8: Understanding Evolution and Diversity Lesson 8-1. Evolution and Natural Selection Lesson 8-2. Mechanisms of Evolution Lesson 8-3. Origins of Diversity Lesson 8-4. The Three Domains and the Five Kingdoms Chapter 9: Understanding Organismal Biology Lesson 9-1. Support and Movement Lesson 9-2. Transport Lesson 9-3. Nutrition Lesson 9-4. Protection Lesson 9-5. Coordination Lesson 9-6. Reproduction and Development Chapter 10: Understanding Ecology Lesson 10-1. Population Growth Lesson 10-2. Food Chains and Food Webs Lesson 10-3. Ecological Relationships Lesson 10-4. Biomes Lesson 10-5. Nutrient Cycles Part III: Four Practice Tests Practice Test 1: Biology-E Practice Test 2: Biology-E Practice Test 3: Biology-M Practice Test 4: Biology-M

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