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February 10, 2010


Mixed media product, 176 pages

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0071608389 / 9780071608381


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Main description

Now you'll know what to say at the right time in any situation

ESL specialist Natalie Gast knows from her experience that the workplace presents some unique situations. In this book she presents scenarios, business slang, and other linguistic issues that typical language texts don't go into--for example, how to break the ice with small talk or ask for clarification. These hundreds of phrases will help you not only survive but thrive in your chosen field.

Table of contents

Preface/How To Use This Book
Part I - The Global Work Force
Find a Mentor
Observe, Observe, and Then Observe Some More
Ask Questions and Listen to the Answers
Avoid Saying, "In My Country, We . . . "
Part II - Small Talk Interacting in a Small Group
Giving and Accepting Compliments
Giving, Accepting, and Refusing Invitations
PART III - Using the Telephone
Speak Up and Speak Out
Your Voice Mail
Leaving Messages
Speaking with Someone Who Is Difficult to Understand
Speaking with Someone Who Has Difficulty Understanding You
PART IV - Presenting Yourself
Before You Present
How to Say It
Answering Questions
Part V - Networking within Your Organization and Beyond
Whom Do You Know?
How To Network
Part VI - Stress At Work
What Is Stress
Use The Good Stress
Lose the Bad Stress
Part VII - Directions
Directions on the Job
Giving and Following Directions To Get Somewhere
Other Directions To Consider
Appendix - American Business Culture in a Nutshell

Author comments

Natalie Gast is the founder and principal of Customized Language Skills Training, a full-service language training company established in 1986. CLST, among other services, provides tailor-made, onsite ESL and ESL-related programs. Gast has a master's degree in TESOL and had previously been a college instructor.

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