How to Do Everything with Windows Vista™ Media Center (eBook)

How to Do Everything with Windows Vista™ Media Center
By:Ballew, Joli;
Pub Date:December 10th 2007
Format:Electronic book text 384 pages
ISBN:0071596151 / 9780071596152
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  • Microsoft expects to sell more than 100 million units of Windows Vista by the end of 2007

Table of contents

Part 1: Get Acquainted with Vista's Media Center Features

Chapter 1: Meet Microsoft Vista Media Center

Chapter 2: Recognize and Distinguish Between Required and Optional Hardware

Chapter 3: Make the Physical Connections

Part 2: Configure Media Center for Optimal Performance

Chapter 4: Complete the Required and Optional Setups

Chapter 5: Take Advantage of Advanced Settings

Chapter 6: Once Configured, Navigate Media Center

Part 3: Play, Customize, and Manage TV, DVDs, and Online Media

Chapter 7: Explore Live Television, Movies, and Sports

Chapter 8: Record Live TV

Chapter 9: Watch DVDs

Chapter 10: Download and Watch Online Media

Chapter 11: Create a Personal Music Library

Chapter 12: Buy or Rent Music Online

Chapter 13: Manage Your Music

Chapter 14: Enjoy Music at Home and On The Go

Part 4: Customize, Create, and Manage Personal Pictures and Home Videos

Chapter 15: Create a Personal Photo and Video Library

Chapter 16: Share Your Photos and Videos

Part 5: Add Hardware to Get More from Media Center

Chapter 17: Add a Media Extender

Chapter 18: Use MSN Record to Record Your Favorite Shows Even When Away From Home

Chapter 19: Install and Configure a DVD Burner

Chapter 20: Install and Configure a TV Tuner (or a Second One)

Chapter 21: Install and Configure a Second Monitor

Chapter 22: Install and Configure a Cable Card

Chapter 23: Install and Configure an External Hard Drive as a Backup Device

Part 6: Appendices

Appendix A: How to Incorporate Existing DVRs, PVRs, Record Players, Stereos, VHS and DVD Recorders


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