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February 24, 2012


Mixed media product, pages


0077645553 / 9780077645557


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Main description

Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy provides students with a usable, strategic understanding of consumer behavior. The authors believe that knowledge of the factors that influence consumer behavior can, with practice, be used to develop sound marketing strategy. As a consequence, the text integrates theory, strategy-based examples, and application.

Table of contents

Part I – IntroductionChapter 1 – IntroductionPart II – External InfluencesChapter 2 – Cross-cultural Variations in Consumer BehaviorChapter 3 – The Changing American Society: ValuesChapter 4 – The Changing American Society: DemographicsChapter 5 – The Changing American Society: Subcultures Chapter 6 – The American Society: Family and HouseholdsChapter 7 – Group Influence on Consumer BehaviorPart III – Internal InfluencesChapter 8 – PerceptionChapter 9 – Cross-cultural Variations in Consumer BehaviorChapter 10 – Motivation, Personality, and EmotionChapter 11 – Attitudes and Influencing AttitudesChapter 12 – Self-Concept and LifestylePart IV – Consumer Decision ProcessChapter 13 – Situational InfluencesChapter 14 – Consumer Decision Process and Problem RecognitionChapter 15 – Information SearchChapter 16 – Alternative Evaluation and SelectionChapter 17 – Outlet Selection and PurchaseChapter 18 – Post-Purchase Processes, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer CommitmentPart V – Organizations as ConsumersChapter 19 – Organizational and Buyer BehaviorChapter 20 – Marketing Regulation and Consumer Behavior

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