Organizational Behavior

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January 14, 2010


Paperback, 592 pages

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0073530352 / 9780073530352


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Main description

Organisational Behavior by Fred Luthans was one of the first mainstream organisational behavior texts on the market and continues the tradition of being the most current and up-to-date researched text today. Well-known author Fred Luthans is the 5th most prolific Publisher in Academy of Management Journals and a senior research scientist with the Gallup Organization, who continues to do research in the organisational behavior area. The Twelfth Edition of Organisational Behavior is ideal for instructors who take a research-based and conceptual approach to their OB course.

Table of contents

Part One: Environmental and Organisational Content Chapter 1 Introduction to Organisational Behaviour: An Evidence-Based ApproachChapter 2 Environmental Context: Globalisation, Diversity, and EthicsChapter 3 Organisational Context: Design and CultureChapter 4 Organisational Context: Reward SystemsPart Two: Cognitive Processes of Organisational BehaviorChapter 5 Personality, Perception, and Employee AttitudesChapter 6 Motivational Needs, Processes, and ApplicationsChapter 7 Positive Organisational Behavior and Psychological CapitalPart Three: Dynamics of Organisational BehaviorChapter 8 Communication and Decision MakingChapter 9 Stress and ConflictChapter 10 Power and PoliticsChapter 11 Groups and TeamsPart Four: Managing and Leading for High PerformanceChapter 12 Behavioral Performance ManagementChapter 13 Effective Leadership ProcessesChapter 14 Great Leaders: An Evidence-Based Approach

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