Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy for Consolidations: Roll Up, Roll Out and Innovate for Superior Growth and Returns

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August 14, 2012


Mixed media product, 304 pages


0071793429 / 9780071793421


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Main description


"Rich in examples and details, well-grounded in wisdom from years of experience, and blessedly practical . . . . engaging, well-written, and loaded with worthy insights. Study this book and prosper." -- DR. ROBERT B RUNER, Dean, University of Virginia's Darden School of Business, and author of Deals from Hell, The Panic of 1907, and Applied Mergers & Acquisitions.

"Drawing on his experience with more than 100 M&A transactions, Hoffmann has written a defi nitive 'how-to' for acquiring companies in the below $50 million sales market space. The examples . . . [offer] astute insight into every feature of the topic." -- DR. NANCY BAGRANOFF, Dean, Robins School of Business of the University of Richmond; President of the American Accounting Association; and coauthor of Core Concepts of Consulting for Accountants and Core Concepts of IT Auditing.

"This is a wonderful history with compelling lessons from the great successes of the Trader Publishing and Landmark Communications leadership and business model. The reflection on past deals gone wrong helps the reader understand why you do deals, how to pursue M&A, and what principles you need to be successful." -- MACON B. ROCK, founder and Chairman of Dollar Tree Stores, Inc., and founder and former President of K&K Toys.

"A must-read for those who hope to start small and grow big by acquiring, improving, and innovating. Following his rules may not lead you to be part of the 1 percent, but it will certainly keep you from being part of the 70 percent that fail." -- HOWARD S. TEVENSON, Senior Associate Dean, Harvard University; Director of Publishing, Harvard Business Publishing Company board; and author of New Business Ventures and the Entreprenuer, Make Your Own Luck, and Do Lunch or Be Lunch.

Author comments

Norman W. Hoffmann has 30 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions as a founding executive of Trader Publishing Company and its predecessors. As Chief Financial Officer of Trading Publishing Company/Dominion Enterprises, Hoffmann has evaluated thousands of prospective acquisition opportunities and personally identifi ed, cultivated, and completed more than 70 acquisitions while participating in another 80 in support of rollup strategies.

Back cover copy

In these times of globalization, technological advances, and dramatic changes in public policy, industry restructuring has become the new normal. A tricky business for even the most experienced practitioner, mergers and acquisitions are at an all-time high. With so much at stake, how do you know the strategy you're pursuing is the right one? And how can you be sure it will serve you well in the future?

Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy for Consolidations analyzes a rarely considered approach that has produced impressive longterm success. In this groundbreaking book, Norman Hoffmann shares the strategy used to create such companies as Starbucks, Tele-Communications, Inc., and Trader Publishing, a company that grew to $1.3 billion annual revenue while paying its investors over $1 billion in dividends during its 20-year history. The strategy is composed of three parts:

Rollup: The acquisition of similar businesses serving a specific market to build a competitive mass and gain economies of scale to drive profits while improving the efficiencies of operations, promotion, and centralized administration

Rollout: The replication of the business model in new geographic territories or market segments to leverage the infrastructure and increase the economies of scale

Innovate: The adoption of new processes and creation of innovative products or services that strengthen the entity's bond with old patrons while attracting new customers, thus driving long-term success in the midst of turbulent change

Hoffmann's strategy takes you well beyond the original deal to provide a solid foundation for the all-important--but often overlooked--process of post-deal integration, realization of synergistic benefits, and capitalization on innovative opportunities. This is where the real profit potential lies.

Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy for Consolidations takes you step by step through the process of using M&A rollups as a key part of your business strategy. Use this groundbreaking guide to lurch past your competition and produce returns that far exceed the investment yields possible from any large transaction.

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