Make Meetings Work: A Teach Yourself Guide

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March 2, 2012


Paperback, 208 pages


0071785329 / 9780071785327


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Main description

Proven methods for getting the most out of meetings as a leader and as a participant

Make Meetings Work explains how to run a meeting, behave in a meeting, construct minutes, and chair meetings--all essential skills for anyone wishing to move projects forward, forge a career in business or even run their own business.

From issuing invitations to taking the minutes, or even chairing a meeting, everything is covered in Make Meetings Work.

Table of contents

1. What are meetings for
2. Different types of meetings
3. Organising a meeting
4. Administration
5. Pre-planning
6. Being a speaker
7. Being heard
8. Follow up
9. Different types of minutes
10. Role of the minuter
11. Structuring minutes
12. Writing up and distributing minutes
13. Giving a meeting focus
14. Running a meeting
15. Common problems
16. Ending a meeting productively

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