The Sales Growth Imperative: How World Class Sales Organizations Successfully Manage the Four Stages of Growth

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November 17, 2010


Mixed media product, 320 pages


0071739033 / 9780071739030


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Main description

Can you handle SUCCESS?

With business growth come great things--larger market share, increased revenue, happy shareholders. However, sustaining revenue growth is seldom easy. Sales departments must quickly and seamlessly change sales strategies and tactics to grow sales. Unfortunately, sales departments are often ill-equipped to make the right changes at the right time.

At long last, a solution to this common problem is at hand. It's called the Sales Growth Modelâ„¢. Created by David Cichelli and his team at the Alexander Group, a leading sales effectiveness consulting company, the Sales Growth Model explains how to keep sales results improving during all phases of market maturity. In The Sales Growth Imperative, Cichelli uses his game-changing approach to help you anticipate impending challenges and take the right action, enabling the growth to continue-- and the sales department to flourish. He shows you the four stages of business growth and illustrates the challenges of each one:

Growth at an accelerating rate
Challenges: adding additional selling capacity

Growth at a declining rate
Challenges: finding new customers, keeping current ones, and launching new products

Little to no growth
Challenges: price management and cost reduction

Profitable revenue growth
Challenges: new value proposition, reaching new markets, and specialization

As growth rates change, new sales solutions are necessary. You need to anticipate and execute your own successful sales strategy accordingly. Don't let growth become an obstacle to success. the culmination of 30 years of experience consulting for such companies as FedEx, Verizon, American Express, HSBC, and Starbucks, the Sales Growth Model is the only way to ensure smooth sailing through the surprisingly troubled waters of success.

"David's expertise regarding compensation and sales effectiveness is clearly articulated in The Sales Growth Imperative. This book outlines effective tools that can be used at each stage of your business growth."
--Bruce Dahlgren, Senior Vice President, Managed Enterprise Solutions, HP Imaging and Printing Group

"Interested in growing your sales? David Cichelli has crafted a comprehensive guide marketing professionals can use to understand and work effectively with their sales teams. . . . If you are in marketing and need to work with your sales force, get this book!"
--John L. Graham, Professor of Marketing, The Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine

Table of contents

Chapter 1: What Makes a Great Sales Organization; Chapter 2. Why Sales Organizations Fail; Chapter 3. Shopping for Sales Effectiveness Answers; Chapter 4. Sales Growth Model--How Growth Drives Solutions; Chapter 5. Phase I Growth: Start-Up Sales Departments; Chapter 6. Phase II Growth: Volume Growth; Chapter 7. Phase III Growth: Reevaluation; Chapter 8. Phase IV Optimization; Chapter 9. Beyond Growth Phases; Chapter 10. Annual Strategic Sales Management Planning; Chapter 11. Considerations for Sales Leaders; Chapter 12. Summary Observations

Author comments

David J. Cichelli is Senior Vice President and sales compensation practice manager of The Alexander Group. He is a frequent speaker on sales effectiveness and sales compensation issues and teaches sales effectiveness for Columbia University's Sales Management Program. Cichelli is the author of Compensating the Sales Force and World at Work's one-day class on sales compensation, and he is a contributing author to Sales and Marketing magazine.


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