Safe Money in Tough Times: Everything You Need to Know to Survive the Financial Crisis

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January 12, 2009


Mixed media product, 256 pages

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Main description

The “perfect storm” of global economic disaster is now hitting every area of personal finance. Retirement accounts, retiree nest eggs, home prices, and just about everything else of value are being swept away in the chaos. You can either passively try to wait out the storm or take immediate action to protect yourself, your family, and your future.

In Safe Money in Tough Times, Jonathan Pond explains how to stay afloat while the economy sinks. Employing the practical, commonsense knowledge and wisdom that has made him one of America’s most popular personal finance experts, Pond helps you both weather the storm and position yourself to profit when the economy inevitably rebounds. He tackles every area of your financial life that is or will soon be affected by the Great Recession, from investing defensively and selecting the safest investments to strategies for paying insurance and tuition bills when times are tough. You’ll find easy and practical tactics for

  • Managing debt
  • Reducing expenses
  • Coping with unemployment
  • Minimizing complications if your financial institution fails
  • Protecting your retirement savings
  • Making informed decisions about your home and mortgage
  • Improving your credit standing
  • Preparing for fi nancial emergencies

Although he acknowledges the gravity of our economic situation, Pond takes you past the pessimism of today’s media commentators and presents the crisis as a means for educating yourself, changing bad habits, and eventually enjoying unexpected profits. With Safe Money in Tough Times you have what you need to bypass the so-called experts and develop your own financial strategy with confidence.

Complete with checklists and worksheets, this prescient guide provides everything you need to take control of your investments, beat the recession, and develop an all-weather financial and investment plan that will last a lifetime.

Table of contents

Part I Understanding the Economic Crisis 1.What’s Going On in the Economy? 2.This Time It’s Different, But We’re Not Headed for a Depression 3.Checklist of Things to Do Now to Get Your Financial Act Together Part II Coping with Tough Economic Times 4.Where to Begin – A Dozen Winning Strategies to Cope With Tough Times 5.Budgeting for Tough Economic Times 6.What to Do When Your Expenses Are Increasing Faster than Your Income 7.Getting Your Debts Under Control 8.Forewarned is Forearmed – Preparing for the Unexpected Part III Investing in Tough Economic Times 9.Investment Strategies for Frightened Investors 10.Ten Rules for Investing Successfully in Turbulent Markets 11.Making the Right Stock Investments During Tough Times 12.Making the Right Bond Investments During Tough Times 13.Making the Right Real Estate Investments During Tough Times 14.Keeping Safe Money Safe Part IV Tackling Special Situations 15.If Your Lose Your Job 16.If You Think You Might Lose Your Job 17.Evaluating an Early-retirement Incentive Plan 18.Finding a Job in Tough Times 19.Coping with Debt Problems 20.Advice for Homeowners 21.Advice for Home Sellers 22.Opportunities for Home Buyers 23.Getting the Kids Through College During Bad Times 24.Tips for Worried Pre Retirees 25.Tips for Worried Retirees 26.Survival Tactics for Small Business Owners 27.The Psychological Side of Money Problems 28.Bankruptcy – The Last Report 29.If Inflation Heats Up Part V Planning for a Secure Financial Future 30.“Been Down So Long” – Getting Back on Your Feet 31.How the New Administration May Affect Your Pocketbook 32.Profiting from Prosperity Appendix Web Sites to Help You in Tough Times

Author comments

Jonathan Pond is an Emmy Award–winning contributor and host of 18 prime-time public television specials about investing and personal finance. He makes regular national appearances on all of the network and cable television stations, including CNN and NBC’s Today Show. Pond is the recipient of many awards, including the Malcolm Forbes Public Awareness Award for Excellence in Advancing Financial Understanding.

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Today, the world is experiencing economic turmoil not seen in generations. While other financial experts offer hit-or-miss investing advice, financial guru Jonathan Pond provides an effective strategy for seizing control of your entire financial life--from profitable long-term investing to everyday money-saving tips.

Safe Money in Tough Times is what you need to instantly minimize the effect of the recession on your finances and create a portfolio that will grow exponentially when the economy bounces back. With this timely guide at your side, you will be able to handle anything the recession brings with it, including


In his characteristic practical, heads-up approach, Jonathan Pond leads you step by step through the process of reevaluating and remaking your financial strategies to cope with today’s realities and build a more secure future.

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