The Essential Sales Management Handbook

Your Secret Weapon to Success

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January 9, 2007


Mixed media product, 264 pages


0071476024 / 9780071476027


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Main description

At last: a comprehensive sales manager's reference tool for building management and leadership skills. From hiring new talent to forming a broad, cohesive strategy for the team's future, The Essential Sales Management Handbook has it all, featuring:

  • Best practices for building strong team relationships,motivating sales professionals to sell at their highest level, and running effective meetings
  • Discussions of complex topics, such as managing difficult personalities, turning amateurs into all-star performers, incentive plans that work, CRM technology, and successful change-management strategies
  • Practical tips managers can use to foster growth, build enthusiasm, and boost knowledge and group skills
  • Powerful ideas, suggestions, real-life stories, and practices from successful companies

Table of contents





5.Sales Meetings



8.Managing Personalities


10.Team Building

11.Sales Process

12.CRM Technology



15.Best Practices



18.Change Management


20.Success Tips

Author comments

Gerhard Gschwandtner has more than three decades of international sales and marketing experience. He is the founder and publisher of Selling Power, the world's leading sales magazine.

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Back cover copy

(Flap Copy)

The best sales managers are leaders, coaches, mentors, facilitators, motivators, analysts, strategists-winners at all that they do!

Anyone can be a manager. But to be the best SALES manager you can be, you need to master an arsenal of skills crucial not just to your success, but to the success of your entire team. The Essential Sales Management Handbook is your one-stop resource, covering all the elements you need to reach the highest levels of personal achievement and develop a winning sales force.

An ideal sales manager juggles the demands of conducting business, directing people, and meeting the bottom line. Featuring practical tips and techniques you can use to create enthusiasm, boost knowledge, and foster growth in your group while you also answer to the executive suite, this comprehensive guide provides:

  • Best practices for building strong team relationships, running effective meetings, and motivating sales professionals to sell at their highest level _
  • Tips for avoiding the nine most common sales hiring errors-and making your next hire your best hire _
  • Tools for handling complex issues, such as managing difficult personalities, selecting and implementing effective CRM technology, finding incentive plans that enhance performance, managing in times of change, and turning amateurs into all-star performers _
  • Inspiring, real-life examples of companies that have successfully implemented unique selling ideas and theories _
  • Methods for keeping your team revved, especially during challenging economic times

The best sales managers constantly improve their performance in order to help their teams excel. The powerful ideas and guidance in The Essential Sales Management Handbook have everything you need to take your management and leadership skills to new, more productive and profitable heights.

(Back Cover Copy)

Want to rev up your leadership skills and build a top sales team?

The Essential Sales Management Handbook is your secret weapon to becoming a star manager-one who successfully coaches and develops a winning sales force. This guide covers it all-from training new hires and implementing a goal-driven sales process to forming a broad, cohesive strategy for your team's future. You get all the tools you need to navigate:

hiring * testing * training * sales meetings * awards and incentives * coaching * team building * CRM technology * ethics * compensation * change management * motivation

Featuring inspiring real-life stories and practices from successful companies, The Essential Sales Management Handbook is the hands-on resource for mastering the skills you need to lead.

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