Winning the Profit Game: Smarter Pricing, Smarter Branding

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January 21, 2004


Electronic book text, 304 pages


0071458433 / 9780071458436

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Main description

How to use pricing as a strategic tool to increase revenues and win the war for profit

One of the greatest pitfalls in the war for profits is corporate strategists' lack of a practical understanding of the link between overall revenues and overall costs. In Winning the Profit Game, the thought leaders at A. T. Kearney unveil a revolutionary new approach to establishing clear, strategic links between the top and bottom lines. No dry academic treatise, Winning the Profit Game is a guide to growing profits, in boom times and bust, using smart top-line strategies that optimize price, costs, customer behavior, and volumes. The authors clearly lay out the basic principles involved and also include:

  • Proven strategies for transforming added value into revenues and winning the war for profits
  • Prescriptive frameworks for putting the principles and strategies into action, immediately
  • Numerous success stories based on experiences of A. T. Kearney clients worldwide

Author comments

Robert G. Docters is a partner in i2Partners L.L.C., a boutique price and intellectual consulting firm.

Michael R. Roeopel is a senior officer in A. T. Kearney's strategy practice.

Dr. Jeanne-Mey Sun is a consultant with A. T. Kearney.

Stephen M. Tanny is a professor at the University of Toronto.

Back cover copy

In the endless quest to boost your bottom line, you've done it all: re-engineering, downsizing, new purchasing strategies, TQM, CRM, automation, new sales channels and technologies. Problem is, everyone else has done it, too. And while these once-innovative techniques may still be helping your organization to hold its own, they are long past delivering the impact, excitement, and competitive advantage they initially offered. Smart managers and smart companies are already asking, what's next? How do we stay ahead?

In Winning the Profit Game, the authors offer a simple but powerful solution--to keep improving the bottom line, your organization must now shift its sights and focus on growing the top line. They also introduce the two fundamental tools for producing top-line growth: price and brand. The skill with which these tools are used varies widely from company to company, with most firms performing poorly. This means that anyone who takes the time to learn how to use them correctly can quickly establish a huge competitive advantage.

This comprehensive guide to maximizing profits offers sophisticated yet common-sense approaches that turn value into money and make pricing a logical, high-return activity, integral to the development of new products and services. It illustrates the absolute link between brand and price and explains why a superior pricing strategy cannot exist without a detailed brand strategy. It also shows you how to optimize price, brand, costs, and product development for any business, whether manufacturing or services. You'll discover how to win the profit game by integrating your pricing and brand strategies and growing your top line in any business environment, no matter how tough. You'll master the tools that will enable you to:

  • Use price as a language that speaks to your customers
  • Develop an effective, integrated price and brand strategy
  • Optimize prices to increase revenues
  • Manage ongoing revenues
  • Penetrate new markets using price as a competitive wedge
  • Transform your organization into a price and brand powerhouse

Complete with real-world price frameworks and success stories from a wide variety of industries, Winning the Profit Game also features instant access to critical strategies, tools, and techniques for busy managers who need to make key decisions in a hurry. It is the ultimate guide for business leaders like you, whose responsibility it is to grow the bottom line and emerge victorious in the war for profits.

How to use price and brand as strategic tools to boost revenues and maximize profits

Winning the Profit Game gives you instant access to tools and techniques that can increase profits, in boom times and bust, using smart top-line strategies that optimize price, costs, customer behavior, and volumes. You'll learn how to develop an effective, integrated price-/brand strategy, using price as a language that speaks to your customers, helps you . You'll also find out how to penetrate new markets, and transform your organization into a price-brand powerhouse.

"If you want to improve your company's profitability, if you want to learn how price, brand and product can be linked to achieve this, then this book is a must read."--Robert A. Ferchat, Chairman and CEO of Bell Canada Mobility, retired, former president of Nortel Networks, Canada, and author of Tangled Up in the Past

"Winning the Profit Game delivers on its promise to improve corporate profit performance."--Charles E. Lehr, General Manager Marketing (Chief Marketing Officer), International Division, ExxonMobil Corporation, retired.

"Winning the Profit Game delivers valuable insights and tools for business leaders - from entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley to pricing professionals in Detroit and the leaders of Fortune 100 Corporations."--Jeffrey Depew, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur (e.g. CEO MotionSense, Inc.), and former President of General Electric Electrical Distribution and Control, Asia/Pacific.

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