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Through its five core publishing programs, McGraw-Hill Professional delivers timely, authoritative, and global intelligence for people seeking personal and professional growth in their lives.

McGraw-Hill BUSINESS connects professionals to the most current thinking in business by providing the authoritative, relevant resources, and tools they need to compete in a global economy.

McGraw-Hill CONSUMER enhances people’s lives outside the workplace in areas such as health and parenting by providing accessible and reliable resources from thought-leading authors and institutions.

McGraw-Hill EDUCATION teaches students and professionals how to learn more effectively by drawing on our deep educational culture to develop innovative and trustworthy study tools.

McGraw-Hill MEDICAL provides students and professionals with the global standard of best healthcare practices by delivering current and comprehensive resources from leading authors and institutions.

McGraw-Hill TECHNICAL enables technical and trade professionals to succeed in complex global industries by structuring the most current information into concise and authoritative resources.