Secure Shopping

The McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing Group uses a technology called SSL (secure sockets layer) to keep your personal information safe and confidential as it travels from your computer to our servers. SSL is an encryption technology that scrambles/encodes a message so that only the recipient can unscramble the data. All of the ordering information you provide -- including your name, address, and credit card number -- is encrypted by your SSL-enabled browser BEFORE it gets sent.

The McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing Group makes use of VeriSign's Secure Server Technology to insure your credit card and billing information cannot be read as it travels through the Internet. Only when it reaches our servers and travels behind our firewall is the data unscrambled. Using a Secure Server ID from VeriSign enables us to conduct authenticated, encrypted on-line commerce. Online users and consumers are able to submit credit card numbers or other personal information to us, with the assurance that they are really doing business with The McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing Group and not an impostor.

VeriSign's Secure Server ID

VeriSign Secure Server IDs are in use on every continent, serving online businesses, educational institutions, banks, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Over 100,000 IDs have been issued by VeriSign, representing 98 percent of all sites conducting secure commerce. Based on the same technology used to protect nuclear missile codes, VeriSign Secure Server IDs provide the strongest security available today. For more information on VeriSign, please visit their web site

Verify our Identity

Clicking on the "VeriSign Secure Site" icon will allow you to verify our identity as a reputable organization with whom to conduct online business.