eBook Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an eBook?

An "eBook" or "electronic book" is a digital version of a book. It can be downloaded to a computer, desktop, laptop or Tablet PC or in some cases, to a PDA device.  Different readers may be required depending on the ebook format (LIT, PDF, PRC).

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How can I get McGraw-Hill eBooks? Where are they offered?

McGraw-Hill Professional offers ebooks in the following methods:
    1. General ebooks can be purchased from this site (our online catalog).  This method is treated like any normal online purchase.  Once you complete the transaction, you are immediately presented with a link to download and save your ebook.
    2. Some eBooks are offered in conjunction with a book purchase.  If you've purchased a book that entitles you to a free ebook, the book will contain an access card with instructions on how to obtain your free ebook. Some ebooks may require a unique access code which would also be printed on the access card. 

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My access code is rejected or I get an "Invalid Code" error.

Access codes are usually a combination of alphanumeric characters. Make sure you're not mistaking the number 0 (zero) for the letter O (0) or vice versa.  This also applies to the number one (1) and the letter L (l).  Upper and lower case characters may also be interpreted differently.

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I've entered the code carefully but I still get an error.

Contact our Technical Support Staff to obtain a new code. In some cases, you may be required to provide proof of purchase.

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How are ebooks delivered?

McGraw-Hill Professional's ebooks are delivered via download.  Upon purchasing an ebook, you are presented with a link which allows you to download and save your ebook locally on your computer.

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Can I read my eBook as soon as I purchase it?

If you have purchased eBooks before then yes you can. If this is the first time purchasing an eBook then you will need to install the appropriate reader first.

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How can I read/open an ebook?

Reading an ebook requires specific software, usually called a "Reader". eBooks come in multiple formats (PDF, LIT, PRC,etc..) each of which requires a specific Reader.

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Which Reader is required to view my ebook?

It depends on the format of your ebook:

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I downloaded an ebook but I get an error message when I try to open it.

A common problem is that some 'interference' or interruption during the download process can cause an ebook file to become corrupted. The only way to solve this problem is to download the ebook again.

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Do I have to be connected to the Internet to view/open my ebook?

An Internet connection is only required when downloading the ebook for the first time.  Once the ebook is downloaded and saved, you do not need an Internet connection to start using your ebook.

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What is DRM?

DRM is Digital Rights Management.  Publishers are required to protect and prevent the illegal distribution of copyrighted material which includes an author's intellectual property.  All of the content published by McGraw-Hill Professional is copyrighted by McGraw-Hill Education, or by our contracted authors.

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Why does my Reader require "activation"? What is "activation"?

It is a publishers right to implement rules with regard to the copying and distribution of their content.  eBooks which fall under this category are governed by DRM (Digital Rights Management). If you wish to purchase eBook titles that have been secured in this manner, you will first need to activate your Adobe or Microsoft Reader (Mobipocket and Palm do not require this action as DRM is handled differently). This is a simple process that is done online, and takes just a couple of minutes.  The activation/registration is a requirement of the software publisher (Adobe, Microsoft, Mobipocket, etc...).

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What does activation do?

It ensures the ebook content can only be viewed/accessed by its rightful owner.  It also prevents the illegal distribution of copyrighted material.

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Can I view a sample eBook?

Yes. When downloading and installing the Reader, you're usually given the opportunity to download a test ebook to verify the Reader is working correctly.

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