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Editorial Offices

For questions about book content, errata, manuscript submissions, forthcoming editions, publication dates, and author information

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Customer Service

Questions regarding general book information, pricing and availability, orders, shipping, returns, replacements, and catalog requests may be directed here. For faster service, please provide your complete name and address, including country.

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Marketing, Publicity and Rights

For information about college adoptions, industry and government programs, international rights, subsidiary rights, permissions, and media inquiries for McGraw-Hill Trade, Medical, Science & Technical, and Osborne

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International Rights

For information on international and translation rights

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Sales Representatives

For information about contacting your trade representatives, international sales, library sales, special sales, and catalog resellers

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McGraw-Hill Higher Education

For complimentary copies, placing orders, reviewer forms, digital learning products, custom publishing, and adaptive learning products, and more

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McGraw-Hill Education, Inc

For information about other divisions and subsidiaries of McGraw-Hill Education

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For opportunities at McGraw-Hill Professional and other divisions of McGraw-Hill Education

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Technical Support

We provide an online database for McGraw-Hill Professional's electronic products where you will find information about installing and using our products. We also provide system requirements and compatibility guidelines.

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Please report any technical errors and problems experienced on this site to us here. If you have questions about product information, pricing and availability, and order questions, please contact Customer Service.

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