Submission Guidelines

Authors Wanted

If you have a manuscript that you would like to submit to International Marine for publication, we recommend you follow these guidelines. Adherence to these guidelines will increase your chances of success with IM, expedite our review process, and provide you with a quickened response.

First, get familiar with our titles in print. IM is interested in books that fall into these main categories:

  • Boat Design, Maintenance, & Customization
  • Boatbuilding & Modeling
  • Boating Basics
  • Buying Guides
  • Cruising Guides & Handbooks
  • Electricity/Electronics
  • Engines
  • Good Reading
  • Knots, Rigging, & Sails
  • Marine Reference
  • Maritime History
  • Navigation
  • Sailboat Racing
  • Seamanship

If you feel that your proposed manuscript fits our publishing program, the next step is to send us a detailed outline or annotated table of contents (not just chapter titles, but a summary of what is in each chapter), a few sample chapters, and sample photographs and/or drawings if these will be important to your book. Please attach a cover letter defining the need and audience for your manuscript and identify and evaluate its competing titles. Evidence of thorough research in these areas is necessary for us to seriously consider your proposal.

Address all author inquiries to:

Molly Mulhern
Director Editing, Design, and Production
90 Mechanic Street
Camden, Maine 04843

Marine Editors

Do you have experience editing books about boating and sailing basics, boatbuilding and design, cruising guides and handbooks, or other marine-related topics? If so, you might fit into our pool of freelance editors. We ask all applicants to take a brief test; if you're interested, contact:

Molly Mulhern